Keith Scaife
Keith Scaife
Keith holding the original artwork for six Jack Higgins covers he kindly let me have.
Keiths List
Keith's instructions for the three following titles.
 Dark Side of the Street Dark Side of the Street 
PAN 0330 307185 from 1989
The Dark Side of the Street
Original Artwork for 'Dark Side of the Street'
The Violent Enemy The Violent Enemy
PAN 0330 307207 from 1989
The Violent Enemy
Original Artwork for 'The Violent Enemy'
The Violent Enemy
Keith's instructions for a couple of alterations to 'The Violent Enemy'
The Iron Tiger The Iron Tiger
PAN 0330 307193 from 1989
The Iron Tiger
Keith with his original artwork for 'The Iron Tiger' from 1989
Keiths List
Keith's instructions for the three Higgins titles below.
The Dark Side of the Island The Dark Side of the Island
PAN 0330 307169 from 1989
Dark Side of the Island
Original Artwork for 'Dark Side of the Island'
Passage by Night Passage by Night
PAN 0330 307150 from 1989
Passage by Night
Signed by Jack Higgins
Paaage By Night
Original Artwork for 'Passage By Night'
Wrath of the Lion Wrath of the Lion
PAN 0330 307177 from 1989
Wrath of the Lion
Original Artwork for 'Wrath of the Lion'
Wrath of the Lion
Keith's model coning tower he made for 'Wrath of the Lion'
Dillinger Dillinger
PAN 0330 307142 from 1989
Original Artwork for 'Dillinger'
The Little Country
A printer's proof for PAN 0330 321064 from 1993.
The Little Country
Keith has kept the original artwork as he says it is his favourite and the author loved it as well.
The Little Country
The Little Country
Keith's instructions included this 'rough' for the cover of 'The Little Country'
The Werewolves of London The Werewolves of London
PAN 0330 322672 from 1992 signed by Keith
Werewolves of London
Keith's instructions for 'The Werewolves of London'
The Werewolves of London
Original Artwork
Borders of Infinity
PAN 0330 322214 from 1992
Borders of Infinity
Original Artwork
Keith was asked to write a brief 'blurb' for 'The PAN Galactic Gargle Blaster' issue 4
Gargleblaster 3
I can only find my copy of issue 3 at the moment so I can't confirm if Keith's 'blurb' appeared.
First Mission to Earth
'First Mission to Earth' as seen on the wall behind Keith in the 'The Iron Tiger' photo.
Used as a book promotion at the Frankfurt Book Fair as far as he knows