Sam 'Peff' Peffer
I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Kathy and Pat who put up with me visiting and the numerous emails since.
Kathy gave me a bag of negatives which I'm slowly working through, here are the results so far.
I'll leave Sam to explain the connection between Kathy and Pat in this extract from his autobiography.
Kathy and Pat
Artworks Sam painted based on photos he took of himself, relatives and friends.
PAN/Piccolo Books Artwork Other Publisher Artworks
G216 'Moonraker' Ian Fleming 'The Adventures of a Taxi Driver'
G229 'From Russia With Love' Ian Fleming Unused cover for 'Come Into My Parlour'
G335 Dr. No' Ian Fleming Arrow 336 'The Secret War' Dennis Wheatley
G198 'Casino Royale' Ian Fleming Arrow 412 'To The Devil- A Daughter' Dennis Wheatley
G192 'The Spiked Heel' Richard Marsten Arrow 754 'The High Fence' Netta Muskett
G130 'Casualty' Robert Romains Arrow 566 'Middle Mist' Netta Muskett
G611 'Gently With The Painters' Alan Hunter Arrow 629 'Dear Doctor' Patrick Downe
G152 'Six Criminal Woman' Elizabeth Jenkins Arrow 746 'Doctor Syn' Russell Thorndike
G177 'Widow's Web' Ursula Curtiss Arrow 747 'The Shadow Of Doctor Syn'
G464 'The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink' E. S.  Gardner Arrow 553 'The Further Adventures Of Doctor Syn'
436 'Sinners and Shrouds' Jonathan Latimer Arrow 742 'The Amazing Quest of Doctor Syn'
G576 'The Crowded Sky' Hank Searls Arrow 541 'Doctor Syn Returns' Russell Thorndike
G456 'Solomon's Vineyard' Jonathan Latimer Arrow 659 'Love In Amber' Netta Muskett
GP93 'A Ring at the Door' George Sava Arrow 383 'The Heart of the House' Naomi Jacobs
X52 'Between The Stirrup And the Ground' D. Raymond Arrow 658 'The Gilded Hoop' Netta Muskett
G329 'Moment Of Danger' Donald MacKenzie Arrow 703 'Full Meridian' Naomi Jacob
G135 'The D. A. Takes a Chance' E. S. Gardner Arrow 667 'Poor Straws' Naomi Jacob
G169 'Scorpion Reef' Charles Williams Arrow 688 'A Mirror of Dreams' Nette Muskett
G466 'The Endless Colonnade' Robert Harling Arrow 557 'The Scarlet Imposter' Dennis Wheatley
432 'Dark Interlude' Peter Cheyney DIGIT R765 'The Man Who Bought London' E. Wallace
G160 'Dark Duet' Peter Cheyney DIGIT R741 'I Was A Hell Camp Prisoner' R. J. Wright
G122 'Miss Silver Comes To Stay' P. Wentworth DIGIT R809 'Wantons Die Hard' Leonard Gribble
G393 'A Case For Inspector West' John Creasey DIGIT R767 'The Big Blues' Pat Bunyan
G524 'Death Against The Clock' Anthony Gilbert DIGIT R726 'Corinna Lang Goodbye' Vivien Connell
G435 'Deep Water' Patricia Highsmith DIGIT R810 'To Catch A Spy' Bruce Sanders
G493 'The Second Victory' Morris West DIGIT R888 'Out Of Chaos' J T McIntosh
G380 'The Lost days Of My Life' Jane Simpson DIGIT R886 'The First Of The Last'' Richard MacGregor
G220 'Powder and Patch' Georgette Heyer Panther 657 '10 Days To Die' Michael A Musmanno
X37 'Onionhead' Weldon Hill Panther 647 'Yangtse Incident' Lawrence Earl
416 'Love and Marriage' Eustace Chesser Panther 617 'Rossano' Gordon Lett
Piccolo 'Codes And Secret Writing' Herbert Zim Hodder 745 'Mr. J. G. Reeder' Edgar Wallace
  WWW W321 'The Man From Texas' J T Edson
  WWW W351 'Waco's Debt' J T Edson
  Romance In Pictures 222  'Nurse In Love'
  Sphere 'Don't Cross My Line' Tom West
  Fontana 835 'Cavalier Conquest' Berkley Grey