Sam 'Peff' Peffer
Sam's artwork mainly for PAN Books but also Arrow, Corgi, DIGIT, Panther and Sphere etc.
Arrow 648 'What's To Come' Naomi Jacobs
Arrow 666 'Susan Crowther' Naomi Jacobs
DIGIT R861 'The Killer Came Riding' James Preston
DIGIT R840 'The Grip of Fear' Vern Hansen
Mayflower Dell 'Gallows On The Sand' Morris West
MEWS R599 'The Moneta Papers' John Messmann
NEL 35190 'The Game of Terror' John Messmann
PAN GP85 'Dangerous Exile' Vaughan Wilkins
PAN G111 'An Episode of Sparrows' Rumer Godden
PAN G306 'The Small Woman' Gladys Aylward
PAN G326 'The Case Of The Musical Cow' E S Gardner
PAN G401 'Strange Cases' George Sava
PAN G434 'The Devil At Four O'Clock' Max Catto
Sphere 89672 'The Buzzard's Nest' Tom West
Sphere 89680 'Dead Man's Double Cross' Tom West
Sphere 89699 'Don't Cross My Line' Tom West
  Sphere 89702 'Renegade Roundup' Tom West
   Sphere 89710 'Showdown at Serano' Tom West
  Sphere 89729 'The Black Buzzards' Tom West