PAN As Seen On TV
BBC2 - The League of Gentlemen Series 3 - Episode 6 - The Charity Shop - 31/10/2002
Vinnie Vinnie
Vinnie knows a good book when she smells one ( PAN X93 Return to Peyton Place )
BBC1 - Wild West - Episode 3 - The Swingers - 3/11/2002
Mary Tredwegnack reading in bed ( PAN X80 The Best Of Everything )
Channel 5 - The Real James Bond's Gadgets - 4/12/2002 
Casino Royale 
PAN 1959 edition used as illustration ( PAN G198 Casino Royale )
BBC1 - Antiques Roadshow - 23/12/2007 
Antiques Road Show 
Antiques Road Show
The gentleman collected 'paperbacks with painted covers' and he said, "I paid 100 for this edition about 19 years ago and it is now worth 500" It does not look in that good a condition and we were not told if it is a 1st edition 1st printing but even if it was I think he would be lucky to get his money back. (PAN 334 Casino Royale )
Channel 5 - James Bond - The True Story - 23/04/2008
James Bond 1

James Bond 2

James Bond 3 

James Bond 4 

Assorted copies show throughout the programme including a mocked up prop edition of "From Russia With Love" 
BBC1- Ian Fleming - Where Bond Began - 19/10/2008 
Ian Fleming 2  Ian Fleming 3 
Ian Fleming 1 
Assorted copies show throughout the programme including "Thrilling Cities 1 & 2" on the table
BBC4 - Legends - Humphrey Littleton - 17/12/2008 
Humphrey Littleton 1  Humphrey Littleton 2 
His autobiography cover was showing in a scrolling shot. 
BBC 4 - John Buchan - Master of Suspense - 28/12/2008 
John Buchan 1  John Buchan 2 
Covers shown in the programme.
BBC2 - MASTERMIND - Novels of Victor Canning - 13/11/2009 
Contestant introduction with PAN GP89 Venetian Bird in the background.
E4 - Misfits - 03/12/2009 
Nisfits  Misfits 
Looking through locker and produces PAN X67 Second PAN Book Of Horror Stories from bag. 
Danger Man - Episode 18 - 1965 
Danger Man 
Fletcher (Peter Gill) reading PAN X236 From Russia with Love in "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove"
"Classic Bond Collection" Video 1996 
Video Cover  Moonraker 
Fpr Your Eyes Only
Casino Royale
Three PAN titles shown alongside Signet editions.
BBC 1 - The One Show - 26/10/2012 
The One Show 
Used as part of an interview with Monty Norman re James Bond theme.
BBC 2 - 50 Years Of Bond Cars - Top Gear Special - 29/10/2012  
Top Gear
 Top Gear

Top Gear
Top Gear
Richard Hammond reading extracts from 'Casino Royale' and 'Goldfinger'
BBC2 "Flog It" Lulworth Castle Dorset 16/12/2014 
Flog It
Flog It
Flog It
The car sold for 130 - no mention of the book.
  BBC2 "Bargain Hunt" The Jeffrey Museum London 30/12/2014         
Flog It 
For the eagle eyed the sixth book from the right is PAN 307 'The Diary Of A Young Girl' by Anne Frank
BBC1 "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" Opening Credits for all week beginning 16/02/2015    
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 
The fifth book from the left is PAN X86, just behind the presenter's right ear is Pan X43>.
 BBC1 "Flog It" Prideux Place Cornwall 26/08/2015  
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 
Georgette Heyer titles of various vintage on the right as Paul Martin walks along a corridor.
BBC2 "Celebrity Antiques Road Trip" Reading 04/01/2016 
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 
Dick Francis titles on the top shelf to the right. 
BBC1 "Bargain Hunt" Wetherby 18/04/2016 
Bargain Hunt 
Ian Fleming titles on the shelf but it was the table we were supposed to be looking at!
BBC1 "Countryfile" 26/12/2016
Bargain Hunt 
From a James Herriot compilation programme.
BBC1 "Bargain Hunt" Newark 11/08/2017
Bargain Hunt 
On the back shelf 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich', 'The Somme', 'Trafalgar' and one yet to be identified.
BBC1 "Bargain Hunt" Chartwell 29/01/2018
Bargain Hunt 
While talking about Churchill's optician they mentioned Fleming used the same company and showed an appropriate cover!.
YESTERDAY  "Songs of the Seventies"  03/03/2018
The Persuaders 
Shown in the closing credits.
BBC1 "Bargain Hunt" Exeter 07/03/2018
Bargain Hunt 
Bargain Hunt
In the introduction Natasha Raskin Sharp is supposed to be typing her own Christie type thriller.
Channel 4  "Grand Designs" Northern Ireland 20/09/2017
Grand Designs 
Note all the Nevil Shute titles on the middle shelf.
BBC1 "Bargain Hunt" Wetherby 16/05/2015
Bargain Hunt
Ian Fleming titles on the shelf seen in previous episode but rearranged.
Channel 5  "The Classic Car Show - Bond Special"  09/04/2014
Classic Cars
Ben Collins holding PAN X238 from 1964
BBC1 "Bargain Hunt" Stamford 11/02/2019
Bargain Hunt
Natasha Raskin was in St. Mary's Antiquarian Books talking about  the Cape edition of 'Casino Royale'
BBC1 "Bargain Hunt" Stamford 12/11/2019
Bargain Hunt
Natasha Raskin Sharp was summing up after all purchases made. 'The Godfather' is in the rack at to the right.
BBC 4 'The Cult of All Creatures Great And Small' 25/05/2020
A run on of the clip used in 'Countryfile' 26/12/2016
'Superstore', Season 3, Episode 8
Garrett McNeil, played by Colton Dunn, wears a tee shirt with a familiar image
'Flog It', BBC 2 Repeated Episode 15th July 2021
Graham Rye
Flog It
Flog It
Flog It
Flog It
Flog It 
Paul Martin interviewed Graham Rye and visited locations in Kent. 
'Timeshift'', BBC 4 'Looking for Mr Bond at the BBC' 30th September 2021
Clips from the BBC archives featuring James Bond in all his guises.
Adam Parson SKY News March 8th 2024
Adam Parsons
Looks like a full set of PAN Bond titles on the shelf