Cecil Vieweg 
The Passing Bells "The Passing Bells" Readers Digest 1979 Cecil graduated from the Johannesburg Art School with the highest honours, receiving the gold medal and was immediately hired by the Central Companies Advertising, J. Walter Thompson Advertising and Zyl Associates and Schulty, to serve as Artistic Director. He was also hired by other large companies such as Peugeot, Chrysler, Rank Xerox, SA Railways, Alitalia, South African Breweries (Castle laer), Nederburg Wine Estate, Diary Board, Loveable Undergarments.

His genuine and passionate interest in photographic images also made him lean towards graphic design and so to carry out a career as an illustrator at international level he needed to be somewhere like London, New York or Los Angeles. He left Cape Town for London with his wife Nola and their children Reinout and Sonia, 4 and 2 years old, arrived in 1969 and settled in Richmond where he is still living and working.

Cecil joined Artist Partners in a studio in the centre of Soho which was the "Mecca" of most of the illustrators in Europe. His reputation and the recognition of his works were growing through a huge amount of work for publishers and advertising agencies concentrating on sports championships or major world events of the moment, such as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, posters for the BBC, Sunday Independent and movies.

His works for the Readers Digest, The Sunday Telegraph, The Observer, for magazines or books can be numbered in the hundreds. There was also work for the "Race Against Time", which were then produced as limited editions art. Magazines were major customers for Cecil, making several series for Woman's Own, Woman's Realm, and The Journal. Another area in which he was also very active was portraits, counting among them those of the main heads crowns of Europe, the Royal Mint, a poster of Princess Anne on her horse Doublet when she won the European Championship painted for Sun Publications and many posters for films such as Play It Again, The Eagle Has Landed, The Molly McGuires and O Lucky Man!

In the 70s and 80s Cecil had a highly successful career as an illustrator, and found work performing all styles and techniques for all kinds of events and personalities but due to health problems, ended his career as an illustrator in the 90s.  
Some examples of Cecil's covers for PAN from 1973 to 1991
Daughter of Silence
PAN 0330 102532 from 1973
East Of Eden
PAN 0330 300016 from 1979
Horns Of The Moon
Cecil with the original artwork for "Horns of the Moon"
Horns Of The Moon
PAN 0330 262548 from 1981
Cec with Thompson originals
Cecil with the original artwork for "Lottie Trago" and "Polrudden"
Lottie Trago
Original artwork for "Lottie Trago"
Lottie Trago
PAN 0330 315390 from 1991
Original artwork for "Polrudden"
PAN 0330 296949 from 1987
Cry Once Alone
Original artwork for "Cry Once Alone"
Cry Once Alone
PAN 0330 291157 from 1986
Dream Traders
Original artwork for "The Dream Traders"
Dream Traders
PAN 0330 268589 from 1983
The Music Makers
Original artwork for "The Music Makers"  
The Music Makers
PAN 0330 262769 from 1982
The Restless Sea
Original artwork for "The Restless Sea"
The Restless Sea
PAN 0330 285432 from 1985
PAN 0330 321552 from 1992
Some more non PAN examples of Cecil's work
    All The Day Long
    Rachel Orling
Fontana 0006 147720 from 1977 Fontana 0006 1147763 from 1977
Rachel Orling
Original artwork by Cecil
The Strange One Shabby Tiger
Fontana 0006 147712 from 1977 Fontana 0006 147755 from 1977
Shabby Tiger
Original artwork by Cecil
Time and the Hour Lisa Logan
Fontana 0006 147895 from 1978 Arrow 0099 407108 from 1985
Which one
Original artwork by Cecil
Gemini Girls  Footsteps in the Park
Arrow 0099 308304 from 1982  Arrow 0099 299801 from 1982
Which one
Original artwork by Cecil
Emma Sparrow The Listening Silence
Arrow 0099 283107 from 1982 Arrow 0099 346907 from 1984
Maggie Craig A Leaf in the Wind
Arrow 0099 253901 from 1981 Arrow 0099 272202 from 1981
Polly Pilgrim The Strange One
Arrow 0099 329204 from 1984 Sphere 0722 117264 from 1978
Play Iy Aagin Sam
Film poster from 1976 Film poster from 1972
The Molly Maguires Wild Geese
Film poster from 1970 Film poster concept for "The Wild Geese" from 1978
Extreme Prejusdice Extreme Prejusdice
Film poster from 19
Elephant Bill 
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1978
The Passing Bells 
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1979
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1977
The Lantern Network 
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1978
TV Times 
TV Times Christmas Special 1983 
Romulus and Remus
Original card artwork by Cecil
Romulus and Remus Romulus and Remus
Romulus and Remus
'Myths and Legends' card and album from 1981