Golden PAN Award
The statue it's modelled on is currently on show as part of the touring exhibition "The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece"
It was at Dallas from May to October 2013 and will move on to Bendigo from 2nd August to 9th November 2014
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PAN British Museum

The Golden PAN Award is given to authors whose
 books have achieved sales of over a million copies.
It is based on this Roman bronze.

The British Museum - Merlin Collections Database

G&R Standard Report

Registration No:1772,0302.177.g (PRN: GAA2152)
Additional ID: 1975,0109.1 (previously registered as)
Admin Ref:release to Collection Online
Bibliography:Bronze 1355

Description: Bronze figure of Pan,
holding a small vessel in one hand.

Height: 21.00 cm
Height: 240.00 mm (including base)
Width: 100.00 mm
Diameter: 90.00 mm
Weight: 1246.00 g
Period: Roman Imperial
Date: 1stC-3rdC
Purchased from:Sir William Hamilton
Price: 8,400 (collection)
Collection name:Hamilton Collection
Location: B58 on loan

Thanks to Mr. Charles Arnold of the Greek and Roman
Department, The British Museum, for the above information.
John Le Carre Ottyo Fank Douglas Adams Wilbur Smith
John Le Carre Otto Frank Douglas Adams Wilbur Smith
John Le Carre Anne Frank Douglas Adams Wilbur Smith
Three Golden PAN Awards   The Golden PAN Award
Award on the left to Russell Braddon for 'The Naked Island', middle to Leslie Thomas for 'The Virgin Soldiers
and on the right to Anne Frank for 'The Diary Of Anne Frank' plus an award yet to be engraved.
The Sydney Morning Herald - Jun 4, 1989 Jackie Collins 
     Article from The Sydney Morning Herald June 4th 1989
Jackie Collins
Jackie Collins 2013
Russell Braddon
Russell Braddon 'Naked Island' 1974