G Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

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The dates given are not necessarily the dates of first editions but the earliest date of an edition I have been able to scan. The titles in grey, earlier editions or any numbers that are missing are volumes I would like to add - all offers to wants@tikit.net

G101 Diamonds Are Forever Fleming Ian 1958
G102 Give Us This Day Stewart Sidney 1958 ( issued as GP102 )
G103 The Diary Of Anne Frank Frank Anne 1959
G104 Experience With Evil Macdonald John Ross 1958
G105 Carve Her Name With Pride Minney R J 1959
G106 The Secret Of Chimneys Christie Agatha 1958
G107 Appointment In Samarra O'Hara John 1958
G108 Another Little Drink Cheyney Peter 1958
G109 Gideon's Day Marric J J 1959
G110 The New Ghana Amamoo J G 1958
G111 An Episode of Sparrows Godden Rumer 1958
G112 The Mysterious Affair At Styles Christie Agatha 1959
G113 Three Came Home Keith Agnes 1958
G114 The Paper Palace Harling Robert 1958
G115 The Night Comers Ambler Eric 1958

G116 The Iron Cobweb Curtiss Ursula 1958

G117 The Woman In The Case Lustgarten Edgar 1958

G118 The Case Of The Negligent Nymph Gardener Erle Stanley 1958

G119 The Wind Cannot Read Mason Richard 1958

G120 Kings Go Forth Brown Joe David 1958

G121 The Big Lie White John Baker 1958

G122 Miss Silver Comes To Stay Wentworth Patricia 1958

G123 The Happy Highwayman Charteris Leslie 1959

G124 Murder And Its Motives Jesse F Tennyson 1958

G125 The Shiralee Niland D'Arcy 1958

G126 Tomorrow Is Theirs Duffield Anne 1958

G127 The Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L W 1958

G128 Strange Inheritance Simenon Georges 1958

G129 Opening Night Marsh Ngaio 1958

G130 Casualty Romanis Robert 1958

G131 The Last Cannibals Bjerre Jens 1958

G132 Before The Fact Iles Francis 1958

G133 Down In the Drink Barker Ralph 1958

G134 The Man In The Queue Tey Josephine 1960

G135 The D.A. Takes A Chance Gardner Erle Stanley 1958

G136 The Mystery Of Lourdes Cranston Ruth 1958

G137 Full Circle Cecil Henry 1958

G138 Under The Influence Kerr Geoffrey 1958

G139 Poirot Investigates Christie Agatha 1958

G140 Jambo! Strandberg Olle 1958

G141 The Reluctant Legionnaire Alexander Michael 1958 

G142 Escape Of The Amethyst Phillips C E Lucas 1958

G143 War In The Air Bowman Gerald 1958

G144 A Murder Is Announced Christie Agatha 1959

G145 The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit Wilson Sloan 1958

G146 Find A Victim Macdonald John Ross 1958

G147 Violence At Sundown O'Rourke Frank 1958

G148 God's Little Acre Caldwell Erskine 1960

G149 Place Called Estherville Caldwell Erskine 1958

G150 Walker R N Robertson Terence 1958

G151 The Hunters Salter James 1958

G152 Six Criminal Women Jenkins Elizabeth 1958

G153 The Blunderer Highsmith Patricia 1958

G154 Variable Winds At Jalna de la Roche Mazo 1960

G155 Appointment With Death Christie Agatha 1959

G156 Sparkling Cyanide Christie Agatha 1958

G157 The Case Of The One-Eyed Witness Gardner Erle Stanley 1958

G158 Tobacco Road Caldwell Erskine 1958

G159 Riot Wyllie John 1958

G160 Dark Duet Cheyney Peter 1958

G161 A Power Of Roses Park Ruth 1958

G162 Skeleton In The Clock Dickson Carter 1958

G163 No Stars To Guide Seligman Adrian 1958

G164 Captured In Tibet Ford Robert 1958

G165 Good English Vallins G H 1958

G166 Better English Vallins G H 1958

G167 The Oracle O'Connor Edwin 1958

G168 Zoo Quest To Guiana Attenborough David 1958

G169 Scorpion Reef Williams Charles 1958

G170 A Shilling For Candles Tey Josephine 1959

G171 The Pan Book Of Dogs Fisher Catherine 1958

G172 The Pan Book Of Cats Tenent Rose 1958

G173 H.M.S. Thule Intercepts Mars Alastair 1958

G174 Nancy Wake Braddon Russell 1958

G175 The Enormous Shadow Harling Robert 1958

G176 The Man In The Brown Suit Christie Agatha 1959

G177 Widow's Web Curtiss Ursula 1958

G178 Children Of The Sun West Morris 1961

G179 A Gun For Inspector West Creasey John 1958

G180 Atomic Energy Larsen Egon 1958

G181 Pacific Ordeal Kenneth Ainslie 1958

G182 Stone Cold Dead In The Market Landon Christopher 1958

G183 Auntie Mame Dennis Patrick 1961

G184 The Killing Ground Elleston Trevor 1958

G185 Over My Dead Body Opie June 1962

G186 The Cataclysm Sherriff R C 1958

G187 Straight And Crooked Thinking Thouless Robert H 1962

G188 The Moon Is Down Steinbeck John 1958

G189 The Barbarian And The Geisha Payne Robert 1958

G190 The Courting Of Susie Brown Caldwell Erskine 1958

G191 The Human Kind Baron Alexander 1958

G192 The Spiked Heel Marsten Richard 1958

G193 Murder Must Wait Upfield Arthur 1958

G194 Legend In The Dust O'Rourke Frank 1958

G195 The Pan Book Of Party Games Edmundson John 1962

G196 The Saint Steps In Charteris Leslie 1959

G197 The Colditz Story Reid P R 1958

G198 Casino Royale Fleming Ian 1959

G199 A Wren Called Smith Fullerton Alexander 1958

G200 Ice Cold In Alex Landon Christopher 1959

G201 Sabotage Is Suspected White John Baker 1959

G202 I Play As I Please Littleton Humphrey 1959

G203 The Quickness Of The Hand Mayo James 1963

G204 The Lady In The Morgue Latimer Jonathan 1959

G205 The Virgin Heiress Queen Ellery 1959

G206 A Stranger In My Arms Wilder Robert 1959

G207 Do It Yourself Christopher John & Rosemary 1959

G208 Journeyman Calder Erskine 1959

G209 Come Hither, Nurse Grant Jane 1959

G210 The Third Skin Bingham John 1959

G211 Courage Of The North Hendryx James B 1959

G212 The Ship With Two Captains Robertson Terence 1959

G213 The High Girders Prebble John 1959

G214 The Saint Plays With Fire Charteris Leslie 1959

G215 Taken At The Flood Woodman George 1959

G216 Moonraker Fleming Ian 1959

G217 Saint And Mr. Teal Charteris Leslie 1958

G218 The Thirty Nine Steps Buchan John 1959

G219 Gretta Calder Erskine 1959

G220 Powder And Patch Heyer Georgette 1959

G221 The Body In The Library Christie Agatha 1959

G222 Letter From Peking Buck Pearl 1959

G223 Inside The C.I.D Beveridge Peter 1959

G224 The Case Of The Fiery Fingers Gardner Erle Stanley 1959

G225 Battle For The Mind Sargant William 1960

G226 The Big Story West Morris 1959 Re-title The Crooked Road 1963

G227 The Long Walk Rawicz Slavomir 1959

G228 Guns Up Neider Charles 1959

G229 From Russia With Love Fleming Ian 1959

G230 Complete And Free Williams Eric 1959

G231 The Way Of A Surgeon Sava George 1959

G232 Gideon's Week Marric J J 1959

G233 Dust And The Curious Boy Graaf Peter 1959

G234 Last Voyage Of The Lusitania Hoehling A A & M 1959

G235 Man Meets Dog Lorenz Konrad Z 1959

G236 Modern American Humour Barey Michael 1959

G237 Brat Farrar Tey Josephine 1959

G238 Woman Pilot Moggridge Jackie 1959

G239 The Horse Soldiers Sinclair Harold 1959

G240 The Legion Of The Damned Hassel Sven 1959

G241 The Walls Came Tumbling Down Roosenburg Henriette 1959

G242 A Secret Understanding Miller Merle 1959

G243 Nor The Moon By Night Packer Joy 1959

G244 Danger Within Gilbert Michael 1959

G245 Gale Force Trevor Elleston 1959

G246 The Grand Duchess Duffield Anne 1959

G247 Inspector West At Bay Creasey John 1959

G248 The Striptease Murders Lee Gypsy Rose 1959

G249 Circles Round The Wagon Gipson Fred 1960

G250 Hurrah! The Flag Mackie Philip 1959

G251 The Ship-Busters Barker Ralph 1959

G252 Short Reign Of Pippin IV Steinbeck John 1959

G253 This Very Earth Caldwell Erskine 1959

G254 Halfway House Queen Ellery 1959

G255 Seven Days To Never Frank Pat 1959

G256 Call For The Saint Charteris Leslie 1959

G257 Dark Wanton Cheyney Peter 1959

G258 The Nightmare Forester C S 1959

G259 N Or M Christie Agatha 1959

G260 The Barbarous Coast Macdonald John Ross 1959

G261 Fiddlefoot Short Luke 1959

G262 The Second Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L W 1959

G263 Love Me Sailor Close Robert S 1959

G264 The Case of The Sulky Girl Gardner Erle Stanley 1959

G265 Young Man On A Dolphin Thorne Anthony 1959

G266 The Naked Maja Edwards Samuel 1959

G267 House Of Numbers Finney Jack 1960

G268 The Singing Sands Tey Josephine 1962

G269 Trouble In July Caldwell Erskine 1960

G270 The Angel Of Terror Wallace Edgar 1959

G271 Fiametta Duffield Anne 1959

G272 Bony Buys a Woman Upfield Arthur 1959

G273 Channel Dash Robertson Terence 1959

G274 The Red Planet Chilton Charles 1960

G275 Overdue Clifford Francis 1959

G276 Sapphires On Wednesday Gair Malcolm 1959

G277 College Harry Elias David 1960

G278 Dog Versus Crime Holman Arthur 1959

G279 Night At The Mocking Widow Dickson Carter 1959

G280 Uneasy Terms Cheyney Peter 1959

G281 The D.A. Breaks An Egg Gardner Erle Stanley 1959

G282 The Whisper In The Gloom Blake Nicholas 1959

G283 Duel In The Sun Busch Niven 1959

G284 Soldiers Three Slater Humphrey 1959

G285 Blackwater Tredree H L 1960

G286 Death Of A Man Wertenbaker Lael Tucker 1959

G287 The Law Of The Streets Le Breton Auguste 1959

G288 A Lamp Is Heavy Russell Sheila MacKay 1959

G289 The Way Back Brome Vincent 1959

G290 Upstairs And Downstairs Thorn Ronald scott 1959

G291 The Nun's Story Hulme Kathryn 1961

G292 A Room In Moscow Belfrage Sally 1959

G293 Eliza Callaghan Close Robert S 1959

G294 The Saint's Getaway Charteris Leslie 1959

G295 Tip On A Dead Jockey Shaw Irwin 1959

G296 The Mark Of The Warrior Scott Paul 1959

G297 Guide For Living Pope Pius XII 1959

G298 The League Of Gentlemen Boland John 1960

G299 Young Renny de la Roche Mazo 1959

G300 To Love And Be Wise Tey Josephine 1959

G301 Gulf Coast Stories Caldwell Erskine 1959

G302 The Wild Place Hulme Kathryn 1959

G303 The Valley Of Ghosts Wallace Edgar 1960

G304 Lost Cities Cottrell Leonard 1959

G305The Man In Charge Jessup Richard 1959

G306 The Small Woman Burgess Alan 1959

G307 My Years With Churchill McGowan Norman 1959

G308 The Pearl & Burning Bright Steinbeck John 1959

G309 The Seat Of Scornful Carr John Dickson 1960

G310 Fortune Is My Enemy Pape Richard 1960

G311 The Talisman Ring Heyer Georgette 1960

G312 The Devil To Pay Queen Ellery 1960

G313 The Pillars Of Midnight Trevor Elleston 1959

G314 Arnhem Urquhart R E 1960

G315 The Second Ghost Book Asquith Lady Cynthia 1962

G316 Ordeal By Water Keeble Peter 1959

G317 Dark Interlude Cheyney Peter 1959

G318 The Four Just Men Wallace Edgar 1959

G319 I'm All Right Jack Hackney Alan 1959

G320 Moment Of Danger MacKenzie Donald 1959

G321 Tales Of Mystery And Imagination Poe Edgar Allan 1965

G322 Episode In Palmetto Caldwell Erskine 

G323 The Murder On The Links Christie Agatha 1960

G324 Call Me When The Cross Turns Over Niland D'Arcy 1960

G325 Gideon's Night Marric J J 1960

G326 The Case Of The Musical Cow Gardner Erle Stanley 1960

G327 Villainy Unlimited Goodman Derick 1960

G328 The Diamond Smugglers Fleming Ian 1960

G329 Inspector West Makes Haste Creasey John 1960

G330 Lost Horizon Hilton James 1960

G331 Scarecrow Lover Hastings Phyllis 1960

G332 Strike For Death Creasey John 1960

G333 Opium Venture Sparrow Gerald 1960

G334 The Flower Drum Song Lee C Y 1960

G335 Dr. No Fleming Ian 1960

G336 Riddle Of a Lady Gilbert Anthony 1960

G337 Lucy Crown Shaw Irwin 1960

G338 Trouble In West Two Fitzgerald Kevin 1960

G339 The Medallion Sereny Gitta 1960

G340 Behind The Crimson Blind Dickson Carter 1960

G341 The Sea My Surgery Maguire Joseph 1960

G342 The Big Bite Williams Charles 1960

G343 The Tall Man Harris A M 1960

G344 Southways Caldwell Erskine 1960

G345 The Doomsters Macdonald John Ross 1960

G346 The Mark Israel Charles E 1961

G347 Rally Round The Flag, Boys ! Shulman Max 1960

G348 April Evil MacDonald John D 1960

G349 The Pan Book Of Letter Writing Thomson K Graham 1961

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