G Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

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The dates given are not necessarily the dates of first editions but the earliest date of an edition I have been able to scan. The titles in grey, earlier editions or any numbers that are missing are volumes I would like to add - all offers to wants@tikit.net

G350 A Lamp Is For Nightfall Caldwell Erskine 1961
G351 The Greengage Summer Godden Rumer 1962
G352 Dames Don't Care Cheyney Peter 1960
G353 The Yellow Snake Wallace Edgar 1963
G354 Fatal Woman Quentin Patrick 1960
G355 Kicking Canvas Bestic A A 1960
G356 The Bachelor's Baby Davenport Gwen 1960
G357 The Day The Money Stopped Gill Brendan 1960
G358 The Saint Closes The Case Charteris Leslie 1960
G359 Red For Danger Rolt L T C 1960
G360 The Bone Is Pointed Upfield Arthur 1960
G361 Jutland Macintyre Captain Donald 1960
G362 The Strange Land Innes Hammond 1960
G363 Judgement On Deltchev Ambler Eric 1961
G364 The White Men Sang Fullerton Alexander 1960
G365 The Case Of The Lucky Legs Gardner Erle Stanley 1960

G366 Forever Tomorrow Duffield Anne 1960
G367 The Third Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L W 1960
G368 Marion Bingham John 1960 
G369 Crime Of Passion Goodman Derick 1960
G370 The Joker Wallace Edgar 1960
G371 The Passionate City Black Ian Stuart 1961
G372 Please Don't Eat The Daisies Kerr Jean 1960
G373 Headed For A Hearse Latimer Jonathan 1960
G374 (A Girl Named) Tamiko Kirkbride Ronald 1962
G375 Claudelle Caldwell Erskine 1960
G376 Cabbage Holiday Thorpe Anthony 1960
G377 The Hound Of Death Christie Agatha 1961
G378 The Door With Seven Locks Wallace Edgar 1960
G379 The Seductive Mirror Mosley Leonard 1960
G380 The Lost Days Of My Life Simpson Jane 1960

G381 The Killer Mine Innes Hammond 1960
G382 Hornblower In The West Indies Forester C S 1960
G383 End Of A Hate Braddon Russell 1960

G384 Gideon's Month Marric J J 1960
G385 Arkady Duffield Anne 1960
G386 Calamity Town Queen Ellery 1960
G387 Miss Pym Disposes Tey Josephine 1960
G388 The Untouchables Ness Elliot & Fraley Oscar 1960
G389 Cone Of Silence Beaty David 1960
G390 There's No Home Baron Alexander 1960
G391 Saturday Night And Sunday Morning Sillitoe Alan 1960
G392 The Sure Hand Of God Caldwell Erskine 1960
G393 A Case For Inspector West Creasey John 1960
G394 Young Love Allen Johannes 1960
G395 Memoirs Of A Tattooist Burchett George 1960
G396 Death Of An Old Sinner Davis Dorothy Salisbury 1960
G397 The Talented Mr Ripley Highsmith Patricia 1960
G398 The Case Of The Velvet Claw Gardner Erle Stanley 1960
G399 The Millionth Chance Leasor James 1960
G400 Seven Years Solitary Bone Doctor Edith 1960
G401 Strange Cases Sava George 1961
G402 The Last Enemy Hillary Richard 1960
G403 Out Of The Silent Planet Lewis C S 1962
G404 Voyage To Venus Lewis C S 1960
G405 They Came To Cordura Swarthout Glendon 1960
G406 The Siege Of Sidney Street Oughton Frederick 1960
G407 One Of Those Things Cheyney Peter 1960
G408 Partners In Adventure Ingram Derek 1960
G409 A Woman Doctor Looks At Love And Life Hilliard Dr. Marion 1960
G410 Last Seen Wearing ... Waugh Hillary 1960
G411 The Juryman MacKenzie Donald 1960
G412 The Cavalier's Cup Dickson Carter 1960
G413 Midnight Lace Drummond William 1960

G414 How To Avoid Matrimony Froy Herald 1960
G415 The Forger Wallace Edgar 1960
G416 Sophie Wagner Geoffrey 1960
G417 The Case Of The Angry Mourner Gardner Erle Stanley 1962
G418 Seidman & Son Moll Elick 1960
G419 Operator Williams Charles 1960
G420 The Murderer Is A Fox Queen Ellery 1960
G421 That Hideous Strength Lewis C S 1962
G422 The Opposite Sex Hacker Rose 1960
G423 Always Another Door Keay Douglas 1961
G424 The Bachelors Of Broken Hill Upfield Arthur 1961
G425 Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice Hogg Garry 1961
G426 The Mask Of Dimitrios Ambler Eric 1961
G427 The Big Four Christie Agatha 1961
G428 Expense Account Morgan Joe 1961
G429 The Actor Busch Niven 1961
G430 The Counterfeit Traitor Klein Alexander 1961
G431 The Quick And The Dead Queen Ellery 1961
G432 Avalanche Wechsberg Joseph 1961
G433 The Lion Of Sparta Burke John 1961
G434 The Devil At Four O'clock Catto Max 1961
G435 Deep Water Highsmith Patricia 1961
G436 The V.I.P. Trevor Elliston 1961
G437 Triumph For Inspector West Creasey John 1961
G438 The Saint Sees It Through Charteris Leslie 1961
G439 Root Of Evil Cross James 1961
G440 The Sapphire Conference Graff Peter 1961
G441 The Power-House Buchan John 1961
G442 Strangers In My Body Lancaster Eve & Polling James 1961
G443 Love And Marriage Chesser Eustace 1961
G444 Good Speaking Henderson Mrs A M 1961
G445 East Wind : West Wind Buck Pearl S 1962
G446 American Earth Caldwell Erskine 1961
G447 Skeleton Coast Marsh J & Anson L 1961
G448 The Gypsum Flower Bair Patrick 1961
G449 The Shadow Of Time Landon Christopher 1961
G450 The Case Of The Grinning Gorilla Gardner Erle Stanley 1962
G451 Red Aces Wallace Edgar 1961
G452 The Pan Book Of Cage Birds Lockley R M 1961
G453 The Four False Weapons Carr John Dickson 1961
G454 Payroll Bickerton Derek 1961
G455 Goldfinger Fleming Ian 1961
G456 Solomon's Vineyard Latimer Jonathan 1961
G457 Dangerous Silence MacKenzie Donald 1962
G458 The Hours After Midnight Hayes Joseph 1961
G459 The Eighth Mrs. Bluebeard Waugh Hillary 1961
G460 The Inscrutable Nymph Duffield Anne 1961
G461 Lowdown Jessup Richard 1961
G462 Double Agent Fuller Jean Overton 1961
G463 Childhood's End Clarke Arthur C 1961
G464 The Case Of The Moth-Eaten Mink Gardner Erle Stanley 1961
G465 The Dupe Close Robert S 1961
G466 The Endless Colonnade Harling Robert 1961
G467 The Executioners ( Cape Fear ) MacDonald John D 1961
G468 The Fourth Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L W 1961
G469 A Gentleman Called Davis Dorothy Salisbury 1961
G470 Folk Medicine Jarvis D C MD 1962
G471 Ladies Won't Wait Cheyney Peter 1965
G472 The Thirteen Problems Christie Agatha 1961
G473 My Friends The Miss Boyds Duncan Jane 1961
G474 The Losers Irving Clifford 1961
G475 The Education Of Hyman Kaplan Ross Leonard Q 1961
G476 Again Sanders Wallace Edgar 1961
G477 The Woman In The Woods Blackstock Charity 1961
G478 Stain Of Suspicion Williams Charles 1961
G479 Georgia Boy Caldwell Erskine 1961
G480 Follow The Saint Charteris Leslie 1961
G481 Cast Of Characters Morgan Al 1961
G482 The Pan Quiz Book Phillips Hubert 1961
G483 Among The Cedars Wright Dorothy 1961
G484 Queen's Bureau Of Investigation Queen Ellery 1961
G485 Hunter's Tracks Hunter J A 1961
G486 Come Back Miranda Duffield Anne 1961
G487 The Eight Of Swords Carr John Dickson 1961
G488 Around The World With Auntie Mame Dennis Patrick 1961
G489 Lover Man Anderson Alston 1961
G490 The Americanization Of Emily Huie William Bradford 1961
G491 The Operation Engel Leonard 1961
G492 Bang To Rights Norman Frank 1961

G493 The Second Victory West Morris 1961
G494 The Footsteps Of Anne Frank Schnabel Ernst 1961
G495 Bony And The Mouse Upfield Arthur 1961
G496 Passage Of Arms Ambler Eric 1961
G497 Long Pig Foreman Russell 1961
G498 Dragoman To A Traitor Williams Eric 1961
G499 The Case Of The Hesitant Hostess Gardner Erle Stanley 1962
G500 The Pan Book Of The Home Aquarium Vinden John S 1961
G501 A Long Hard Look Gair Malcolm 1961
G502 Sequel To Boldness Pape Richard 1961
G503 Add A Dash Of Pity Ustinov Peter 1964
G504 We Joined The Navy Winton John 1961
G505 The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner Sillitoe Alan 1961
G506 Female Of The Species 'Sapper' 1961
G507 The Life Savers The Calder Ritchie 1961
G508 Gideon's Staff Marric J J 1961

G509 Zoo Quest For A Dragon Attenborough David 1961
G510 You Can't Hit a Woman Cheyney Peter 1961

G511 The Ship That Died Of Shame Monsarrat Nicholas 1961
G512 How To Survive Matrimony Froy Herald 1961
G513 The Joneses - How To Keep Up With Them Gibb Lee 1962
G514 We Are The Living Caldwell Erskine 1961
G515 The Calendar Wallace Edgar 1962
G516 A Prince For Inspector West Creasey John 1963
G517 The Origin Of Evil Queen Ellery 1961
G518 Soviet Spy Ring Tietjen Arthur 1961
G519 The Case Of The Green-Eyed Sister Gardner Erle Stanley 1962
G520 Escape From Zahrain Barrett Michael 1962
G521 A Night Of Terror Caulfield Max 1962
G522 Saint Errant Charteris Leslie 1962
G523 Elephant Hill White Robin 1962
G524 Death Against The Clock Gilbert Anthony 1962
G525 When To Call The Doctor Vincent John 1962
G526 Partners In Crime Christie Agatha 1962
G527 My Friend Muriel Duncan Jane 1962
G528 The Van Langeren Girl Cooper Brian 1962
G529 Commander Burt Of Scotland Yard Burt Leonard 1962
G530 The Yellow Ford Fullerton Alexander 1962
G531 Cinderella Nightingale Muller Robert 1962
G532 Escape - Or Die Brickhill Paul 1963
G533 Man-Trap MacDonald John D 1961
G534 Love And Money Caldwell Erskine 1962
G535 Puzzle For Inspector West Creasey John 1962
G536 The Lion Kessel Joseph 1962
G357 Scandal At High Chimneys Carr Dickinson 1962
G538 The Dharma Bums Keourac Jack 1962
G539 The Pan Book Of Etiquette & Good Manners Maclean Sarah 1962
G540 Quadrantus Rex Coulehan Norbert 1962
G541 Man In Motion Williams Charles 1962
G542 The Identity Of Jack The Ripper McCormick Donald 1962
G543 When The Kissing Had To Stop Gibbon Constantine Fitz 1962
G544 Adultry Under Arms Gibbon Constantine Fitz 1962
G545 One-Star General Morgan Al 1962
G546 Come Again, Nurse Grant Jane 1965
G547 No Name In The Street Tindall Gillian 1962

G548 A Game For The Living Highsmith Patricia 1962
G549 Shadow Of Guilt Quentin Patrick 1962
G550 The Spanish Pimpernel Lucas Phillips C E 1962
G551 For Your Eyes Only Fleming Ian 1962
G552 Claudia Franken Rose 1962
G553 Claudia And David Franken Rose 1962
G554 Lonely Road Shute Nevil 1962
G555 The Case Of The Fugitive Nurse Gardner Erle Stanley 1963
G556 The Melody Of Sex Catto Max 1962
G557 Man Running West Elliot 1962
G558 The Devil Never Sleeps Buck Pearl S 1962
G559 Unknown - if you know please email the title to wants@tikit.net
G560 The Frost And The Fire Park Ruth 1962
G561 Command The Morning Buck Pearl S 1962
G562 Traitor Betrayed Cookridge E H 1962
G563 The Big Smoke Niland D'Arcy 1962
G564 Certain Women Caldwell Erskine 1962
G565 Oh, Careless Love! Zolotow Maurice 1962
G566 Arthritis And Folk Medicine Jarvis D C 1965
G567 Again The Ringer Wallace Edgar 1963
G568 The Fifth Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L W 1964
G569 Fire at Sea Gallagher Thomas 1962
G570 The Corinthian Heyer Georgette 1962
G571 The Seven Dials Mystery Christie Agatha 1962
G572 An Innocent Abroad Kirkbride Ronald 1962
G573 Act Of Mercy Clifford Francis 1962
G574 Bony And The Black Virgin Upfield Arthur 1962
G575 Jigsaw Waugh Hillary 1962
G576 The Crowded Sky Searls Hank 1962
G577 What Sort Of Girls Were They? Leslie Petrea 1962
G578 The General Sillitoe Alan 1962
G579 The World In Peril Chilton Charles 1962
G580 The Galton Case Macdonald John Ross 1962
G581 The Saint On The Spanish Main Charteris Leslie 1963
G582 The Case Of The Runaway Corpse Gardner Erle Stanley 1962
G583 Stand On Me Norman Frank 1962
G584 The Offenders Ward R H 1962
G585 Holocaust! Benzaquin Paul 1962
G586 The Picturegoers Lodge David 1962
G587 My Friend Monica Duncan Jane 1962

G588 The Dark Road Cross James 1962
G589 The Hell-Bent Kid Locke Charles O 1962
G590 Knife Edge MacKenzie Donald 1962
G591 The Black Swan Sabatini Rafael 1962
G592 The Mind Of Mr. J.G.Reeder Wallace Edgar 1963
G593 The Boys Burke John 1962

G594 The Case Of The Restless Redhead Gardner Erle Stanley 1962
G595 The Sleeping Sphinx Carr John Dickson 1962

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