X Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

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The dates given are not necessarily the dates of first editions but the earliest date of an edition I have been able to scan. The titles in grey, earlier editions or any numbers that are missing are volumes I would like to add - all offers to wants@tikit.net

X251 China Court Godden Rumer 1963
X252 Stranger Than Science Edwards Frank 1963
X253 Daughter Of Silence West Morris 1963
X254 Beauvallet Heyer Georgette 1963
X255 Learn To Read Character Douglas T.S.
X256 Lieutenant Hornblower Forester C.S. 1963
X257 The Wind Cannot Read Mason Richard 1963
X258 The Case Of The Sunbather's Diary Gardner Erle Stanley 1963
X259 The Exile Buck Pearl S. 1963
X260 The Wells Of St. Mary's Sherriff R.C. 1963
X261 The Fourth Pan Book Of Horror Stories van Thal Herbert
X262 The Banner Of The Bull Sabatini Rafael 1963
X263 The Water And The Sound Tindall Gillian 1963
X264 The Borders Of Barbarism Williams Eric 1963
X265 The Secret Adversary Christie Agatha 1963
X266 That Hideous Strength Lewis C.S. 1963
X267 The Thirteen Problems Christie Agatha 1963
X268 Voyage To Venus Lewis C.S. 1963
X269 The Big Four Christie Agatha 1963
X270 Out Of The Silent Planet Lewis C.S. 1963
X271 My Favourites In Suspense Hitchcock Alfred 1963
X272 The Flying Squad Wallace Edgar 1963
X273 Both Sides Of The Case Prescot Julian 1963
X274 The Case Continued Prescot Julian 1964
X275 Three Act Tragedy Christie Agatha 1964
X276 Riceyman Steps Bennett Arnold 1964
X277 Men And Angels White Robin 1964
X278 Love At Arms Sabatini Rafael 1964
X279 The Overlanders Hogg Garry 1964
X280 A Fall Of Moondust Clarke Arthur C. 1964
X281 The Sands Of Mars Clarke Arthur C. 1964
X282 The Intrigues Of Caroline Cherie Laurent Cecil Saint 1964
X283 The Secret Of Chimneys Christie Agatha 1964
X284 The Mysterious Affair At Styles Christie Agatha 1964
X285 The Corinthian Heyer Georgette 1964
X286 My Friend Martha's Aunt Duncan Jane 1964
X287 Murder Revisited Rowland John 1964
X288 Fighting Angel Buck Pearl S. 1964
X289 Some Angry Angel Condon Richard 1964
X290 The Nun's Story Hulme Kathryn 1964
X291 The Case Of The Terrified Typist Gardner Erle Stanley 1964
X292 Pastoral Shute Nevil 1964
X293 Brat Farrar Tey Josephine 1964
X294 Bony And The White Savage Upfield Arthur 1964
X295 A Surgeon In Rome Sava George 1964
X296 Reason For Violence Doubtfire Dianne 1964
X297 Adrift In Soho Wilson Colin 1964
X298 Jugger Quinlan Sterling 1964
X299 The Marriage Of Claudia Franken Rose 1964
X300 From Claudia To David Franken Rose 1964
X301 The Loser Ustinov Peter 1964
X302 Sylvia Cunningham E.V. 1964
X303 That Night It Rained Waugh Hillary 1964
X304 The Convenient Marriage Heyer Georgette 1964
X305 The Shoes Of The Fisherman West Morris 1964
X306 The King Of The Via Veneto Kirkbride Ronald 1964
X307 I Was Cicero Bazna & Nogly Elyesa with Hans 1964
X308 House Of The 10,000 Pleasures Harris Sara 1964
X309 The Case Of The Gilded Lily Gardner Erle Stanley 1964
X310 A Small Success Morgan Al 1964
X311 The Implacable Hunter Kersh Gerald 1964
X312 The Feud Bean Amelia 1964
X313 Violetta Duffield Anne 1964
X314 Hippodile Leavis Ronald 1964
X315 The Sins Of Philip Fleming Wallace Irving 1964
X316 The Waiting Game Fullerton Alexander 1964
X317 Death In The Clouds Christie Agatha 1964
X318 The Fortunes Of Captain Blood Sabatini Rafael 1964
X319 Faro's Daughter Heyer Georgette 1964
X320 Most Secret Shute Nevil 1964
X321 A Clockwork Orange Burgess Anthony 1964
X322 The Long Walk Rawicz Slavomir 1964
X323 God's Little Acre Caldwell Erskine 1964
X324 The Genial Stranger MacKenzie Donald 1964
X325 The Bomb In The Attic Hay Jacob 1964
X326 My Friend Flora Duncan Jane 1964
X327 Zoo Quest To Madagascar Attenborough David 1964
X328 Arabella Heyer Georgette 1964
X329 Assault On A Queen Finney Jack 1964
X330 The Case Of The Demure Defendant Gardner Erle Stanley 1964
X331 The Fifth Pan Book Of Horror Stories van Thal Herbert 1964
X332 Thrilling Cities Part 1 Fleming Ian 1964
X333 The Pan Book Of Dreams Grey Muriel
X334 The Valley Irving Clifford 1964
X335 The Pan Puzzle Book Pulsford Norman G 1964
X336 The Pawnbroker Wallant Edward Lewis 1964
X337 A Season Of Nerves Mayo James 1964
X338 The Forgotten Smile Kennedy Margaret 1964
X339 The Fifth Passenger Young Edward 1964
X340 Time Is The Simplest Thing Simak Clifford 1964
X341 No Empty Hands de Polnay Peter 1964
X342 How Not To Kill Your Husband Doctor A Family 1964
X343 Marazan Shute Nevil 1964
X344 Stories For Late At Night Part 1 Hitchcock Alfred 1964
X345 The Wind Off The Sea Beaty David 1964
X346 The Heart Of The Storm Beaty David 1964
X347 The Battle Of The Villa Fiorita Godden Rumer 1964
X348 Taken At The Flood Christie Agatha 1965
X349 The Bondmaid Buck Pearl S. 1964
X350 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Fleming Ian 1965
X351 Coronet Among The Weeds Bingham Charlotte 1965
X352 Jim Clark At The Wheel Clark Jim 1965
X353 Eight Keys To Eden Clifton Mark 1965
X354 The Guntz Norman Frank 1965
X355 The Late Mrs. D. Waugh Hillary 1965
X356 Three Restoration Comedies Marshall Norman
X357 The Masqueraders Heyer Georgette 1965
X358 Trent's Last Case Bentley E.C. 1965
X359 Ginger, You're Barmy Lodge David 1965
X360 Second Opinion Thorn Ronald Scott 1965
X361 The Crock Of Gold Stephens James 1965
X362 The White Rabbit Marshall Bruce 1965
X363 Inspector West At Home Creasey John 1965
X364 The Spy Who Came In From The Cold le Carre John 1964
X365 The Pan Book Of Party Games Edmundson Joseph 1963
X366 The Second Pan Book Of Party Games Edmundson Joseph
X367 The Case Of The Lucky Loser Gardner Erle Stanley 1965
X368 Odette Tickell Jerrard 1965
X369 The Passionate Ones Rolland-Jacquet Anne 1965
X370 Woman And Love Chesser Dr. Eustace 1965
X371 The Good Looking Women Park Ruth 1965
X372 The Catfish Tangle Williams Charles 1965
X373 The Dark World Of Witches Maple Eric 1965
X374 The Singing Sands Tey Josephine 1965
X375 The Double Wallace Edgar 1965
X376 The Saint Around The World Charteris Leslie 1965
X377 The Crucified City van Greenaway Peter 1965
X378 Cornwall Road Battye Louis 1965
X379 The Green Fields Of Eden Clifford Francis 1965
X380 What Happened To The Corbetts Shute Nevil 1965
X381 To Love And Be Wise Tey Josephine 1965
X382 Strike Hard, Strike Sure Barker Ralph 1965
X383 The Little White God Brock Edwin 1965
X384 The Wanting Seed Burgess Anthony 1965
X385 Honey For The Bears Burgess Anthony 1965
X386 Gently Floating Hunter Alan 1965
X387 Never Go To Sea Winton John 1965
X388 Fail-Safe Burdick & Wheeler Eugene and Harvey 1965
X389 I'm Coming, Virginia Burdick Erick 1965
X390 The Sheep And The Wolves Burnett George 1965
X391 Policeman's Dread Creasey John 1965
X392 The Wounded And The Worried Mittelholzer Edgar 1965
X393 Boldness Be My Friend Pape Richard 1965
X394 Joy In The Morning Smith Betty 1965
X395 Von Ryan's Express Westheimer David 1965
X396 Where The Spies Are Leasor James 1965
X397 All Things New Biezanek Anne 1965
X398 The Saint Goes On Charteris Leslie 1965
X399 Pied Piper Shute Nevil 1965
X400 The Case Of The Screaming Woman Gardner Erle Stanley 1965
X401 The Sittaford Mystery Christie Agatha 1965
X402 I Owe Russia $1200 Hope Bob 1965
X403 Four Days Buell John 1965
X404 The Second Victory West Morris 1965
X405 The Case Against Satan Russell Ray 1965
X406 A Surgeon In California Sava George 1965
X407 My Friend Rose Duncan Jane 1965
X408 The Cry Of The Owl Highsmith Patricia 1965
X409 The Foragers Haas Ben 1965
X410 That Magnificent Air Race Burke John
X411 Calories Don't Count Taller, M.D. Herman 1965
X412 Alice Cunningham E.V. 1965
X413 The Finsbury Lot Burnett George 1965
X414 Born Victim Waugh Hillary 1965
X415 The Tiger In The Bed Catto Max 1965
X416 Squadron Airborne Trevor Elleston 1965
X417 Auntie Mame Dennis Patrick 1965
X418 Thrilling Cities Part 2 Fleming Ian 1965
X419 An Old Captivity Shute Nevil 1965
X420 A Man Of Fortune de Polnay Peter 1965
X421 All But My Life Moss Stirling & Purdy Ken 1965
X422 The Will Of The Tribe Upfield Arthur 1965
X423 The Limbo Line Canning Victor 1965
X424 Tales Of Ten Worlds Clarke Arthur C. 1965
X425 They Walked Like Men Simak Clifford 1965
X426 Wingless Victory Richardson Anthony 1965
X427 Freedom The Spur Instone M.M. Gordon 1965
X428 Kilo Forty Tripp Miles 1965
X429 All Night At Mr. Stanyhurst's Edwards Hugh 1965
X430 Strike For Death Creasey John 1965
X431 Puzzle For Inspector West Creasey John 1965
X432 Inspector West Kicks Off Creasey John 1965
X433 Moll Flanders (M438) Defoe Daniel 1965
X434 You Only Live Twice Fleming Ian 1966
X435 Undine Young Phyllis Brett 1965
X436 The Saint On The Spanish Main Charteris Leslie 1965
X437 Enter The Saint Charteris Leslie 1965
X438 A Prince For Inspector West Creasey John 1965
X439 The Case Of The Angry Mourner Gardner Erle Stanley 1965
X440 The Case Of The Hesitant Hostess Gardner Erle Stanley 1965
X441 Again The Ringer Wallace Edgar 1965
X442 A Gun For Inspector West Creasey John 1965
X443 The Calendar Wallace Edgar 1966
X444 A Crime Of Honour Arpino Giovanni 1965
X445 Pauline Bonneval Any 1965
X446 The Neon Jungle MacDonald John D. 1965
X447 The Sixth Pan Book Of Horror Stories van Thal Herbert 1967
X448 The Tramp Wallace Edgar 1965
X449 The Pan Book Of Boys' Names Sleigh & Johnson Linwood and Charles 1966
X450 The Pan Book Of Girls' Names Sleigh & Johnson Linwood and Charles 1966
X451 The Frogmen Waldron & Gleeson T.J. and James 1965
X452 You'll Die In Singapore McCormac Charles 1965
X453 The Perpetual Pessimist Sagittarius & George and Daniel 1965
X454 Send Superintendent West Creasey John 1965
X455 The Case Of The Daring Decoy Gardner Erle Stanley 1965
X456 The Many Facets Of Love Cartland Barbara 1965
X457 Stories For Late At Night Part 2 Hitchcock Alfred 1965
X458 Cockleshell Heroes Lucas Phillips C.E. 1965
X459 Senor Saint Charteris Leslie 1966
X460 Merrie England Johnson Paul 1966
X461 Hammerhead Mayo James 1966
X462 Expedition To Earth Clarke Arthur C. 1966
X463 The Expert Dreamers Pohl Frederick 1966
X464 Only Lovers Left Alive Wallis Dave 1966
X465 The Ragman's Daughter Sillitoe Alan 1966
X466 Flight Of The Phoenix Trevor Elleston 1965
X467 The Joker Wallace Edgar 1966
X468 Dead Man's Folly Christie Agatha 1966
X469 The Saint In Europe Charteris Leslie 1965
X470 Battle For Inspector West Creasey John 1966
X471 Road To Volgograd Sillitoe Alan 1966
X472 The Drowner MacDonald John D. 1966
X473 D-Day In Paradise Catto Max 1966
X474 Modesty Blaise O'Donnell Peter 1966
X475 Give Us This Day Stewart Sidney 1966
X476 The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit Wilson Sloan 1966
X477 Stain Of Suspicion Williams Charles 1966
X478 So Disdained Shute Nevil 1966
X479 The Case Of The Long-Legged Models Gardner Erle Stanley 1966
X480 Death In Cold Print Creasey John 1966
X481 Gently Sahib Hunter Alan 1966
X482 Tales Of Unease Burke John 1966
X483 Dead Men Rise Up Never Landon Christopher 1966
X484 Strange People Edwards Frank 1966
X485 The Cincinnati Kid Jessup Richard 1965
X486 The Carthaginian Bassett Ronald 1966
X487 The Most Dangerous Game Lyall Gavin 1966
X488 The Wrong Side Of The Sky Lyall Gavin 1966
X489 No Adam In Eden Metalious Grace 1966
X490 Children Of The Sun West Morris 1966
X491 The Case Of The Restless Redhead Gardner Erle Stanley 1966
X492 Madman's Bend Upfield Arthur 1966
X493 Inspector West Cries Wolf Creasey John 1966
X494 Drownproofing Lanoue Fred 1966
X495 In Pluto's Kingdom Fisher Michael 1966
X496 A Shilling For Candles Tey Josephine 1966
X497 The Story Of Esther Costello Monsarrat Nicholas 1966
X498 A Fair Day's Work Monsarrat Nicholas 1966
X499 The Ship That Died Of Shame Monsarrat Nicholas 1966
X500 The Four Just Men Wallace Edgar 1966

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