X Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

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The dates given are not necessarily the dates of first editions but the earliest date of an edition I have been able to scan. The titles in grey, earlier editions or any numbers that are missing are volumes I would like to add - all offers to wants@tikit.net

X501 Terror Keep Wallace Edgar 1966
X502 The Offenders Ward R.H. 1966
X503 The Case Of The Grinning Gorilla Gardner Erle Stanley 1966
X504 Bye, Baby Bunting Keene Day 1966
X505 Nuts In May Gordon Richard 1966
X506 Shirley Cunningham E.V. 1966
X507 Tom And Jenny Warner Kenneth 1966
X508 Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill Walpole Hugh 1966
X509 The Wrong Box Stevenson Robert Louis & Osborne Lloyd 1966
X510 Passion Flowers In Italy Erskine Rosalind 1966
X511 Horizontal Man Bates & Pellow Paul and John 1966
X512 All The Nice Girls Watson John 1966
X513 Bombe Surprise Cook Robin 1966
X514 Death And Circumstance Waugh Hillary 1966
X515 Prisoner's Friend Garve Andrew 1966
X516 The Sea Monks Garve Andrew 1966
X517 The Golden Horseshoe Robertson Terence 1966
X518 Walker R.N. Robertson Terence 1966
X519 The Trap Burke John 1966
X520 The Hammer Horror Omnibus Burke John 1966
X521 Peril At End House Christie Agatha 1966
X522 The Horsey Set Moore Pamela 1966
X523 The Scorpio Letters Canning Victor 1966
X524 Commander - 1 George Peter 1966
X525 The Golden Hades Wallace Edgar 1966
X526 Methuselah's Children Heinlein Robert 1966
X527 The Man With The Golden Gun Fleming Ian 1966
X528 The Looking-Glass War le Carre John 1966
X529 The Siren Song Beaty David 1966
X530 Midnight Plus One Lyall Gavin 1966
X531 The Case Of The Foot-Loose Doll Gardner Erle Stanley 1966
X532 After The Flesh Hedge Leslie 1966
X533 The Potentate Fennerton William 1966
X534 Dover One Porter Joyce 1966
X535 Dover Two Porter Joyce 1966
X536 Threshold Coulter Stephen 1966
X537 The Girl On The Bus and Other Love Stories van Thal Herbert 1966
X538 The Sixth Wife Plaidy Jean 1966
X539 St. Thomas's Eve Plaidy Jean 1966
X540 The Case Of The Backward Mule Gardner Erle Stanley 1966
X541 The Case Of the Cautious Coquette Gardner Erle Stanley 1966
X542 With A Delicate Air Buck Pearl S. 1966
X543 The Pretty Penny Scott J.D. 1966
X544 The Two Faces Of January Highsmith Patricia 1966
X545 Murder, London - New York Creasey John 1966
X546 Song Of The Undersea Kirkbride Ronald 1966
X547 Hot For Certainties Douglas-Home Robin 1966
X548 The Month Of The Pearl Jones Philip 1966
X549 Deep Water Highsmith Patricia 1966
X550 Love And Marriage Chesser Dr. Eustace 1966
X551 Fiesta (The Sun Also Rises) Hemingway Ernest 1966
X552 Diecast Brett John Michael 1966
X553 A Plague Of Dragons Brett John Michael 1966
X554 The Miracle Flower Harris Rex 1966
X555 The Seventh Pan Book Of Horror Stories van Thal Herbert
X556 A Sudden Silence Minahan John 1966
X557 Prisoner's Plea Waugh Hillary 1966
X558 Lost Horizon Hilton James 1966
X559 The Man In The Queue Tey Josephine 1966
X560 Salt Is Leaving Priestley J.B.
X561 The James Bond Dossier Amis Kingsley 1966
X562 The Quiet Gentleman Heyer Georgette 1966
X563 "Talking To Women" Dunn Nell 1966
X564 The Case Of The Calendar Girl Gardner Erle Stanley 1966
X565 Kick A Tin Can Doubtfire Dianne 1966
X566 My Friend Madame Zora Duncan Jane 1966
X567 Cool Sleeps Balaban MacKenzie Donald 1966
X568 A Firework For Oliver Saunders John 1966
X569 The Hat Of Authority Saunders John 1966
X570 On The Beach Shute Nevil 1966
X571 Gladiator-At-Law Pohl & Kornbluth Frederick and C.M. 1966
X572 Way Station Simak Clifford 1966
X573 Childhood's End Clarke Arthur C. 1966
X574 Earthlight Clarke Arthur C. 1966
X575 The Case Of The Negligent Nymph Gardner Erle Stanley 1966
X576 The Case Of The One-Eyed Witness Gardner Erle Stanley 1966
X577 Aspects Of Love Garnett David 1966
X578 Dead Calm Williams Charles 1966
X579 The Price Of Murder MacDonald John D. 1966
X580 Really Nurse! & Wake Up, Nurse! Brook Roger 1966
X581 Stories My Mother Never Told Me Part 1 Hitchcock Alfred 1966
X582 Deadly Welcome MacDonald John D. 1966
X583 The Square Emerald Wallace Edgar 1966
X584 Cake In The Hat Box Upfield Arthur 1966
X585 Murder Must Wait Upfield Arthur 1966
X586 Bony Buys A Woman Upfield Arthur 1966
X587 The Bachelors Of Broken Hill Upfield Arthur 1966
X588 Bony And The Mouse Upfield Arthur 1967
X589 Bony And The Black Virgin Upfield Arthur 1967
X590 The Power Game Burke John 1966
X591 The Witches Curtis Peter 1966
X592 The Book Of Bond Tanner Lt. Col. William ("Bill") 1966
X593 Booth's Handbook Of Cocktails And Mixed Drinks Doxat John 1966
X594 The Steel Balloon McLeave Hugh 1967
X595 Maroc 7 Sands Martin 1967
X596 For Kicks Francis Dick 1967
X597 Odds Against Francis Dick 1967
X598 Hickory Dickory Dock Christie Agatha 1967
X599 Tell Me, Josephine Hall Barbara 1967
X600 The Mind Of Mr. J.G. Reeder Wallace Edgar 1967
X601 The Long Memory Clewes Howard 1967
X602 Let Sleeping Girls Lie Mayo James 1967
X603 Shamelady Mayo James 1968
X604 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X605 Tree Frog Woodhouse Martin 1967
X606 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X607 A Night At Sea Lane Margaret 1967
X608 The Case Of The Deadly Toy Gardner Erle Stanley 1967
X609 The Major Hughes David 1967
X610 Flight Into Danger Hailey & Castle Arthur and John 1967
X611 The Clue Of The Silver Key Wallace Edgar 1967
X612 The Case Of The Moth-Eaten Mink Gardner Erle Stanley 1967
X613 Alias The Saint Charteris Leslie 1967
X614 In Praise Of Older Women Vizinczey Stephen 1967
X615 Last Seen Wearing… Waugh Hillary 1967
X616 Road Block Waugh Hillary 1967
X617 The Narrow Shore Battye Louis 1967
X618 The Duplicate Taylor H. Baldwin 1967
X619 Accident For Inspector West Creasey John 1967
X620 The Skin Dealer Tripp Miles 1967
X621 A Quartet Of Three Tripp Miles 1967
X622 Bitter Body Friesen Paul 1967
X623 The House Of Soldiers Garve Andrew 1967
X624 The Far Country Shute Nevil 1967
X625 The Year Of The Angry Rabbit Braddon Russell 1967
X626 Black Lightning Cusack Dymphna 1967
X627 The Jokers Sands Martin 1967
X628 Throw Bloomfield Anthony 1967
X629 Dare To Be Free Thomas W.B. 1967
X630 Etiquette And Good Manners MacLean Sarah 1967
X631 Privilege Burke John 1967
X632 The Case Of The Musical Cow Gardner Erle Stanley 1967
X633 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X634 The Missing Man Waugh Hillary 1967
X635 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X636 A Hank Of Hair Jay Charlotte 1967
X637 Love From Venus Catto Max 1967
X638 The Pompeians Bassett Ronald 1967
X639 The Seal Summer Hooke Nina Warner 1967
X640 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X641 The Man Who Refused To Die Wynne Barry 1967
X642 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X643 Penelope Cunningham E.V. 1967
X644 How To Avoid Matrimony Froy Herald 1967
X645 How To Survive Matrimony Froy Herald 1967
X646 New Essential First Aid Gardner Peter J & Roylance A Ward 1967
X647 Affair at Quala Helmore Thomas 1967
X648 The Case Of The Mythical Monkeys Gardner Erle Stanley 1967
X649 Lydia Cunningham E.V. 1967
X650 A Man Of Double Deed Daventry Leonard 1967
X651 The Loafers Of Refuge Green Joseph 1967
X652 Tamiko Kirkbride Ronald 1967
X653 The Spy Who Loved Me Fleming Ian 1967
X654 Bridge For Beginners Mollo Victor & Gardener Nico 1967
X655 Doctor Divine Burns Sheila 1967
X656 A Part Of Paradise Cox Lewis 1967
X657 The Love Campaign Ebel Suzanne 1967
X658 The Adorable Doctor Essex Mary 1967
X659 The Big Man Howard Mary 1967
X660 Take-Over Raymond Mary 1967
X661 Kid With A Colt Borg Jack 1967
X662 Man From The Cherokee Strip Kilgore John 1967
X663 Dead Or Alive Ketchum Jack 1967
X664 Gunfight At Nolan's Canyon Nickson Arthur 1967
X665 Green River Marshal Thompson Russ 1967
X666 Pay Off In Lead Winston Matt 1967
X667 Cathy Come Home Sandford Jeremy
X668 Octopussy Fleming Ian 1967
X669 Holiday For Inspector West Creasey John 1967
X670 Funny Ho-Ho & Funny Fantastic Parsons Denys
X671 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X672 Mirage Newman Andrea 1967
X673 Slam The Big Door MacDonald John D. 1967
X674 The Whip Hand Canning Victor 1967
X675 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X676 Sword Of Honour Beaty David 1967
X677 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X678 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X679 The Green Hills Of Earth Heinlein Robert 1967
X680 The Door With Seven Locks Wallace Edgar 1967
X681 Murder, London - Australia Creasey John 1967
X682 The Square Jungle Morgan Johnny 1967
X683 The Chinese Visitor Eastwood James 1967
X684 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X685 Mix Yourself A Redhead Williams Charles 1967
X686 Morning's At Seven Malpass Eric 1967
X687 The Opposite Sex Hacker Rose 1967
X688 The Brigand Wallace Edgar 1967
X689 Pride And Prejudice Austen Jane 1967
X690 Wuthering Heights Bronte Emily 1968
X691 Sisters Under Their Skins Grant Jane 1967
X692 The Sterile Cuckoo Nichols John 1967
X693 Gently With The Ladies Hunter Alan 1967
X694 The Case Of The Fan-Dancer's Horse Gardner Erle Stanley 1968
X695 The Case Of The Vagabond Virgin Gardner Erle Stanley 1968
X696 The Thirty-Nine Steps Buchan John 1967
X697 End Of A Party Waugh Hillary 1967
X698 The Ashes Of Loda Garve Andrew 1967
X699 The Eighth Pan Book Of Horror Stories van Thal Herbert 1997
X700 This Time Next Week Thomas Leslie 1967
X701 The Assassins Mullally Frederic 1967
X702 The Mountains Have A Secret Upfield Arthur 1967
X703 Letter From Peking Buck Pearl S. 1967
X704 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X705 The Third Pan Junior Crossword Book Burgess Robin 1967 WANTED
X706 The Third Pan Junior Puzzle Book Pulsford Norman G. 1967
X707 The Eleventh Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L.W. 1968
X708 Till Death Us Do Part Speight Johnny 1967
X709 Mrs. Harris M.P. Gallico Paul 1967
X710 An Embarrassing Death Jeffries Roderic 1967
X711 In The Heat Of The Night Ball John 1967
X712 Red Planet Heinlein Robert 1967
X713 Farmer In The Sky Heinlein Robert 1967
X714 Poor Cow Dunn Nell 1968
X715 The Gun Forester C.S. 1967
X716 The Clue Of The New Shoe Upfield Arthur 1967
X717 Death Of A Lake Upfield Arthur 1967
X718 The Jungle Book Kipling Rudyard 1967
X719 The Second Jungle Book Kipling Rudyard 1967
X720 The Twelfth Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L.W. 1968
X721 Hercule Poirot's Christmas Christie Agatha 1967
X722 The Case Of The Singing Skirt Gardner Erle Stanley 1967
X723 The Only Girl In The Game MacDonald John D. 1967
X724 No Heaven For Gunga Din Gunga Din Ali Mirdrekvandi 1967
X725 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
X726 The Clue Of The Twisted Candle Wallace Edgar 1967
X727 Counterpoint Sillitoe Alan 1967
X728 The Power House Haggard William 1967
X729 The Case Of The Waylaid Wolf Gardner Erle Stanley 1968
X730 Night Without Darkness Orvis Kenneth 1968
X731 Double Exposure MacKenzie Donald 1968
X732 Again The Three Wallace Edgar 1968
X733 The Secret Journey Kirkbride Ronald 1968
X734 Dover 3 Porter Joyce 1968
X735 Johnny Lost Jones Philip 1968
X736 Why Didn't They Ask Evans? Christie Agatha 1968
X737 The Diary Of Anne Frank Frank Anne 1968
X738 Arthritis And Folk Medicine Jarvis D.C. 1968
X739 Saturday Night And Sunday Morning Sillitoe Alan 1968
X740 Payment Deferred Forester C.S. 1968
X741 Tales Of Mystery And Imagination Poe Edgar Allan 1969
X742 The Avenging Saint Charteris Leslie 1968
X743 Up The Junction Dunn Nell 1968
X744 Smashing Time Burke John 1968
X745 The Stansted Affair Cook Olive 1967

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