Goeorge Sharp   
Goeorge Sharp
1988 George is the gentleman in the striped shirt. He was the Art Director at PAN at the time.George's Signature
George Sharp started painting professionally in 1975, doing book covers and a wide variety of commissions for various kinds of illustration requirements. He had grew up in Nottingham, England, completing his artistic education at the Nottingham School of Art. He has been a typographer and graphic designer, art director and creative director in advertising, and eventually Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at the Middlesex Polytechnic in London, a position he left to follow his fulltime painting career.
George With Round The Bend Round The Bend 
2014 George holding his original artwork. PAN 0330 020188 from 1982
On The Beach On The Beach 
The original artwork PAN 0330 202677 from 1982
Most Secret Most Secret 
The original artwork. PAN 0330 202642 from 1983
The Chequer Board The Chequer Board  No Highway
PAN 0330 202677 from 1982 PAN 0330 020722 from 1982
Pastoral Round The Bend
PAN 0330102923 from 1984 The original George Sharp artwork for 'The Chequer Board' PAN 0330 020188 from 1982
Requiem For A Wren Lonely Road On The Beach In The Wet
PAN 0330 026720 from 1982 PAN 0330 202685 from 1981 PAN 0330 202677 from 1982 PAN 0330 022911 from 1982
An Old Captivity Slide Rule The Rainbow And The Rose Landfall
PAN 0330 104195 from 1984 PAN 0330 022512 from 1983 PAN 0330 235508 from 1982 PAN 0330 10165X from 1981
Most Secret Trustee From The Toolroom Pied Piper Marazan
PAN 0330 202642 from 1983 PAN 0330 023071 from 1982 PAN 0330 103997 from 1983 PAN 0330 103431 from 1982
Stephen Morris The Far Country The Ruined City  Beyond The Black Stump
PAN 0330 239856 from 1983 PAN 0330 20260X from 1981 PAN 0330 102044 from 1982 PAN 0330 029657 from 1983
What Happened To The Corbetts  So Distained  I have spoken to
George and he doesn't
remember doing a cover
for 'A Town Like Alice'
so it maybe just the
TV tie-in.
A Town Name Alice
PAN 0330 103800 from 1982 PAN 0330 104784 from 1982   PAN 0330 020701 from 1982
 Other artwork by George Sharp for PAN

  Picture This  George Sharp
George with his artwork for 'Picture This' by Joseph Heller as a PAN Picador imprint.
These Wibur Smith covers are all from 1982.
The Angels Weap Hungry As The Sea Men Of Men Eagle In The Sky Cry Wolf
PAN 0330 280104 PAN 0330 257986 PAN 0330 267116 PAN 0330 454933 PAN 0330250973
Three James Herriot 
Three examples of the original artwork for the James Herriot series from 1983
Vets Might Fly It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet All Tings Wise And Wonderful
PAN 0330 252216 PAN 0330 237829 PAN 0330 258842
All Creatures Great And Small  All Things Bright And Beautiful Every Living Thing
PAN 0330 250493 PAN 0330 255800 PAN 0330 33025X
If Only They Could Talk Let Sleeping Vets Lie The Lord God Made Them All
PAN  0330 237837 PAN 0330 0241567 PAN 0330 267639
Vet In A Spin The books were published at least twice with George Sharp covers and some of the covers were reused for different titles.

One was just a reversal of another. 

In the first issue the covers are
credited to George along with
Rob McCaig. In the second issue
just McCaig. I asked George
why and he said

"Rob McCaig assisted me on the project.
It is his work only in part
for we both worked on each of 11
paintings completed over a period
of little more than a week in order to
re-jacket  the entire backlist in order
to coincide with the publishing of
James Herriott's final hardback.
Somebody at Pan removed my credit"
Vet In Harness
PAN 0330 255320 PAN 0330 246631
The Birds
PAN 0330 250817 from 1977
Testament Six-Fingered Stud 
PAN 0330 253794 from 1977 PAN 0330 250221 from 1977
John D MacDonald 
Six of the John D MacDonald titles from 1980
Nightmare In Pink The Turquoise Lament 
PAN 0330 020390 from 1980 PAN 0330 248278 from 1980
Deep Blue Goodbye All The Drowned Sailors
PAN 0330 020382 from 1980 PAN 0330 281755 from 1984
A Prayer For The Dying The Hunter Killer
PAN 0330 265822 from 1981 PAN 0330 263110 from 1981
The Totem The White Rajah
PAN 0330 263080 from 1981 PAN 0330 200461 from 19780
The Return of Moriarty The Return of Moriarty
PAN 0330 246836 from 1976 PAN 0330 252323 from 1977
Eight-Some Reeel
PAN 0330 293850 from 1986
A few more examples of George's work for other publishers.
George won an award for this artwork for Bodie.
Trackdown  Bodie          Bodie
Bodie          Bodie
STAR 0352 303751 from 1979  
The Warlock Unlocked Death In The Andamans
Granada 0586 060197 from 1984 Penguin 0140 064087 from 1986
George is particularly proud of the following three titles as he not only did the covers but inside as well.
Hodder and Stoughton 0340 380144 from 1986
The High Kings
George Allen and Unwin 0048 232408 from 1983
The High Kings
The German edition of "The High Kings" published by Deutsche Lizenzausgabe 1984
Moon Of Other Days
Hodder and Stoughton 0340 403020 from 1988
Chocolate Box
  ...... and just to show George wasn't all book covers here is the lid of a M&S box of chocolates.
George Sharp
The funeral ceremony for George took place on the 8th September at Amaravati, a Theravada Buddhist monastery situated at the eastern end of the Chiltern Hills in south-east England.