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Peter Robinson

On better days, and when he reached his teens, Banks would spend his time searching throught the second-hand bookshops for old Pan books of horror stories or steamy bestsellers such as The Carpetbaggers or Peyton Place.

Aftermath' by Peter Robinson Published by Macmillan 2001
Wells laughed. 'I can tell you one thing. He liked those old Penguin Modern Classics. The ones with the grey spines, not these modern pale green things. Real paperbacks, not you trade size. And you can't buy those at Waterstone's. Same with the old Pan covers'

'The Summer That Never Was'  by Peter Robinson Published by Macmillan 2003

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 Andrew Collins    
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Where Did It All Go Right? 'Wilson didn't come to school but I went round to his and I let him borrow my Dr No book to read and he let me borrow his Live And Let Die and Man With The Golden Gun'

A.C. referring to PAN Books editions of Ian Fleming novels.

'Originally published in 1969, this is Pan's 1974 paperback edition and it bears two stills from the movie which I pore over even more than the text. What's more, the book listed the principal cast on the back under the now-a-major-film blurb'

referring to 'The Poseidon Adventure'

Extracts from 'Where Did It All Go Right?' Published by Ebury Press 2003
Dr No 1965        Live And Let Die 1963        The Man With The Golden Gun 1968        The Poseidon Adventure