G Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

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The dates given are not necessarily the dates of first editions but the earliest date of an edition I have been able to scan. The titles in grey, earlier editions or any numbers that are missing are volumes I would like to add - all offers to wants@tikit.net

G596 The Mirror Room Landon Christopher 1962

G597 A House In The Uplands Caldwell Erskine 1962

G598 Private Potter Burke John

G599 Red Eye For The Baron Morton Anthony 1962

G600 Bamboo Doctor Pavillard Stanley S. 1962

G601 Parcels For Inspector West Creasey John 1962

G602 The Green-Eyed Monster Quentin Patrick 1962

G603 Can This Be Love? Froy Herald 1962

G604 Dear Abby van Buren Abigail 1962

G605 The India-Rubber Men Wallace Edgar 1962

G606 The Mother Buck Pearl S. 1963

G607 The Ballad Of The Running Man Smith Shelley 1963

G608 Sťance On A Wet Afternoon McShane Mark 1963

G609 Bony And The Kelly Gang Upfield Arthur 1963

G610 The Case Of The Glamorous Ghost Gardner Erle Stanley 1963

G611 Gently With The Painters Hunter Alan 1963

G612 Gently Go Man Hunter Alan 1963

G613 Panagrams Pulsford Norman G. 1963

G614 The Man Who Finally Died Burke John 1963

G615 Enter The Saint Charteris Leslie 1963

G616 It Couldn't Matter Less Cheyney Peter 1963

G617 Bad Man From Bodie Doctorow E.L. 1963

G618 By The Sea, By The Sea Albee George Sumner 1963

G619 Rebound Mayo James 1963

G620 Where The Boys Are Swarthout Glendon 1963

G621 A Bullet For Cinderella MacDonald John D. 1963

G622 Mario de Polnay Peter 1963

G623 The Man At The Carlton Wallace Edgar 1963

G624 We Saw The Sea Winton John 1963

G625 Road Block Waugh Hillary 1963

G626 Another Claudia Franken Rose 1963

G627 Inspector West Leaves Town Creasey John 1963

G628 Payment Deferred Forester C S 1963

G629 Brown On Resolution Forester C.S. 1963

G630 I Was A Teen-Age Dwarf Schulman Max 1963

G631 The Sixth Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L.W. 1963

G632 The Mind-Benders Kennaway James 1963

G633 Young Adam Trocchi Alexander 1963

G634 The Second Pan Quiz Book Cliffe Cedric 1963

G635 The Flying Squad Wallace Edgar 1963

G636 A Battle Is Fought To Be Won Clifford Francis 1963

G637 The Sherbet Colours Haase John 1963

G638 The Concrete Flamingo Williams Charles 1963

G639 Death To The French Forester C.S. 1963

G640 The Clue Of The Twisted Candle Wallace Edgar 1963

G641 Earthlight Clarke Arthur C. 1963

G642 The Saint Goes On Charteris Leslie 1963

G643 Hurricane MacDonald John D. 1963

G644 The Summer Grass Griffin Stuart 1963

G645 The Dance Of Death and other stories Blackwood Algernon 1963

G646 Jenny By Nature Caldwell Erskine 1963

G647 The Dark Street Cheyney Peter 1963

G648 The Bad Dream Gair Malcolm 1963

G649 The World Ten Times Over Burke John 1963

G650 Inspector West Takes Charge Creasey John 1963

G651 The Higher Jones Gibb Lee 1963

G652 Terror Keep Wallace Edgar 1963

G653 Maybe You're Just Inferior Froy Herald 1963

G654 The Horsehair Sofa Hughes David 1963

G655 The Snake Has All The Lines Kerr Jean 1963

G656 The Pan Book Of Limericks Untermayer Louis 1963

G657 Crimson Joy Fenn Charles 1964

G658 Inspector West Kicks Off Creasey John 1964

G659 Death Trap MacDonald John D 1964

G660 Guardians Of Time Anderson Poul 1964

G661 The Saint In Europe Charteris Leslie 1964

G662 The Novice Arpino Giovanni 1964

G663 The Ravine Young Kendal 1964

G664 Gently Where The Roads Go Hunter Alan 1964

G665 Lonesome Traveller Kerouac Jack 1964

G666 The Seventh Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L W 1964

G667 The Urgent Hangman Cheyney Peter 1964

G668 Violent Security Burnett George 1964

G669 Lust For Innocence Doubtfire Dianne 1964

G670 The Fourth Of June Benedictus David 1964

G671 Death In Cold Print Creasey John 1964

G672 Down The Hatch Winton John 1964

G673 Niners Pulsford Norman G 1964

G674 Phyllis Cunningham E V 1964

G675 Deadly Welcome MacDonald John D. 1964

G676 With Hooves Of Brass Close Robert S. 1964

G677 The System Burke John 1964

G678 The Passion Flower Hotel Erskine Rosalind 1964

G679 The Sailcloth Shroud Williams Charles 1964

G680 I'll Say She Does! Cheyney Peter 1964

G681 The Brigand Wallace Edgar 1964

G682 Journey Round My I Vadja Albert 1964

G683 Battle For Inspector West Creasey John 1964

G684 The Crust On Its Uppers Cook Robin 1964

G685 The Schultz Money Gair Malcolm 1964

G686 One Away Prior Allan 1964

G687 A Hard Day's Night Burke John 1964

G688 O Mistress Mine Froy Herald 1964

G689 Time Is An Ambush Clifford Francis 1964

G690 Good Neighbour Sam Finney Jack 1964

G691 The Simple Life Merlin David 1965

G692 Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors Burke John1964

G693 The Pan Book Of Charm Cartland Barbaraq 1964

G694 The Time Before This Monsarrat Nicholas 1965

G695 Smith And Jones Monsarrat Nicholas 1965

G696 The Crossroads MacDonald John D. 1965

G697 The Time Machine Wells H.G. 1965

G698 The Zilov Bombs Barron D.G. 1965

G699 Funny Ha-Ha & Funny Peculiar Parsons Dennis

G700 What's Up, Doc? Snivib Revilo 1965

G701 The Eighth Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L W

G702 The Only Reason Torres Tereska 1965

G703 The Gun Forester C.S. 1965

G704 The Pan Junior Crossword Book Burgess Robin 1965

G705 The Pan Junior Puzzle Book Pulsford Norman G 1965

G706 Coronation Gallico Paul 1965

G707 Belle De Jour Kessel Joseph 1965

G708 Cockatrice Mankowitz Wolf 1965

G709 The Snow Job Gair Malcolm 1965

G710 Tales From The House Behind Frank Anne 1965

G711 Meat Phillips Mickey 1965

G712 Up The Junction Dunn Nell 1966

G713 The Long Saturday Night Williams Charles 1966

G714 The Second Pan Junior Crossword Puzzle Book Burgess Robin 1966

G715 The Second Pan Junior Puzzle Book Pulsford Norman G 1966

G716 The Ninth Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L W 1966

G717 The Tenth Pan Book Of Crosswords Burgess L W 1966   

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