A Wren Called Smith 
   17th March 1931 - 20th May 2017
Many thanks to Pat's wife Sue for the following biography plus photos.

Pat Owen was born on St Patrick’s Day, 17 March 1931, the second son of Henry and Violet Owen. When the darkness of world war spread across Europe, Pat and his brother were evacuated to Loughborough, where they were separated and stayed with two different families.
A Wren Called Smith
After the war, he was offered an art scholarship but family circumstances prevented him from taking this up. He was called up for national service in the RAF - and it was here that his life long interest in flying and aeroplanes began in earnest. When he returned home he worked as a sign writer for a short time to fund his course at Brighton Art College.
A Wren Called Smith
Pat at work on a PAN cover namely 'Battle for Inspector West'
Walking one evening through the smog-laden streets of post-war London, Pat decided to leave the country for sunnier shores, taking a job as art director in Kenya, working for an ex-US army officer. When he returned he was poached by the art director of Pan Books to return to London to become one of their top illustrators for the new and expanding market of paperback books, illustrating the original James Bond books and novels by other famous authors of the day.
A Wren Called Smith
A bibliography of PAN book cover artworks painted by Pat (a work in progress!)
A Wren Called Smith  Kings Go Forth
Home Before Dark
A Wren Called Smith
The Quickness of the Hand The Quickness of the Hand
The Wings of Night  Casino Royale
Dr. No

Live and Let Die
From Russia with Love
The Case of the Grinning Gorilla
The Wings of Night
The Power-House
The Galton Case
The Dam Busters
A Town Like Alice
Diamonds are Forever
A Long Hard Look
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Mixed Company
The Mark
Battle for Inspector West
Sequel to Boldness
The Greatest Raid of All
Damned Shall be Desire
Henderson the Rain King
The Woman in the Woods 
The Woman in the Woods
Encore Clotilde 

The Dark Road
The Power of Roses
The India-Rubber Man
The Fabulous Showman
The Devil's Advocate
The Lion
The Devil in Buck's County
Dangerous Silence
The General
The Sea Shall Not Have Them
Two Under the Indian Sun
When the Kissing Had to Stop
The Full Treatment
Encore Clotilde
Of Whales and Men
The Chequer Board
The Losers
The Eight of Swords
Bang to Rights
The Ship that Died of Shame
Descent of Venus
Raid on St. Nazaire
The Virgin from Kwan-Tung
The Woman in the Woods
Ritual in the Dark
Parcels for Inspector West
The Run for Home
Death Against the Clock
Covenant with Death (1)
The Mirror Room
The Spanish Pimpernel
No Name in the Street
Seven Men at Daybreak
Covenant with Death (2)
The Silent People
Assault on the Queen
The Travels of Jamie McPheeters
The Hell Bent Kid
Daughter of Silence
Second Victory
Séance on a Wet Afternoon
The Passing of Evil
Inspector West Leaves Town
Heat Wave in Berlin
The Young Lions

Lonely Road
The Thirty-Nine Steps
Anarchists in Love
The Riddle of the Sands
Ruined City
No Highway
The Big Story
Gently Floating
Inspector West Takes Charge
A Battle is Fought to be Won
The Sands of Kalahari
The Feud
The Proud American Boy
Gently Floating
Mr Standfast  Murderer's Fen
The Castle Inn
The Violent Season
Time is an Ambush
The Waiting Game
The Pan Jack London
Inspector West at Home
HMS Leviathan
The Long Walk
Death Trap
Inspector West at Bay
Puzzle for Inspector West
Inspector West Kicks Off
I'm Coming Virginia
The Loser
The Overlanders
Battle for Inspector West
A Gun for Inspector West
Strike for Death
The Wind of the Sea
A Prince for Inspector West
Bony and the White Savage Death Trap
The Heart of the Storm
Mr Standfast
The Ravine
Send Superintendent West
Death in Cold Print
Accident for Inspector West
The Will of the Tribe
Island in the Sun
Pied Piper
The Death of Achilles
I Return
The Lovely Sergeant
Policeman's Dread
The Big Fisherman
The Robe
What Happened to the Corbetts?
The Little White God
Who Was Then the Gentleman?
Who Was Then The Gentleman?
When The Lions Feeds  The Flowers of the Forest
Inspector West Cries Wolf
I, John Mordaunt
Kid with a Colt
The Witches
In this House of Brede
On the Beach
Up the Junction
The Man from Cherokee Strip
Murder ,London-New York
The Ragman's Daughter
The Trap
When the Lion Feeds
The Genial Stranger
So Disdained
Green Light
The Miracle Flower
The Collector
The Finsbury Lot
A Plague of Dragons
Gently Sahib
Holiday for Inspector West
The Privateer
Old St Paul's
The Man in the Mews
The Children of the New Forest
Doctor Thorne
The Sea Shall Not have Them
Madonna of the Seven Hills
Green River Marshal
The Valley
Gunfight at Nolan's Canyon
Old Wives Tale
Dead or Alive
Pay off in Lead
Holiday for Inspector West
Only Lovers Left Alive
Paragon Street
Mr Perrin and Mr Train
The Ashes of Loda
Pay Off in Lead
The Mule on the Minaret  One of Our Submarines
Stagecoach to Concho
Evergreen Gallant
Light on Lucretia
A Health Unto His Majesty
The Goldsmith's Wife
The Mule on the Minaret
The Sceptre and the Rose
Here Lies our Sovereign Lord
A Time Too Soon
The Wandering Prince
Daughter of Satan
The Wandering Prince
The Italian Woman The Italian Woman