Alan Bott

Alan Bott MC
1893 - 1952
Founder of PAN Books Ltd.

1893 Born 14th Jan. at Stoke-on-Trent

He joined the Royal Garrison Artillery

1916 Moved to the Royal Flying Corps as a member of the 70th. Squadron (Umpty Squadron) in April.  He was credited with 5 'kills' during the time he was in France.

2 Sep 1916 1905 70 Sopwith 1 Strutter (A892)
Fokker E (DES) Bourlon Wood 
2 Sep 1916 1925 70 Sopwith 1 Strutter (A892) Fokker E (OOC) Ytres-Sailly 
15 Sep 1916 1840 70 Sopwith 1 Strutter (A892) Fokker E (DES) Hendicourt 
14 Apr 1918 1755 111 Nieuport (B3595) C (FTL-DES) NE of Arsum 
15 Apr 1918 1700 111 Nieuport (B3595) C (DES) SE of Tul Keram 

Whilst  serving  with the 70th  he wrote the book An Airman's Outings With The RFC under the pseudonym 'Contact'
This was published in America in 1918 as Cavalry of the Clouds

1918 It was after he joined the 111th Squadron that Captain Bott crashed in the desert on April 22nd. and became imprisoned by the Turks.  He later  wrote about his escape to Constantinople in  Eastern Flights

1920 - 1926 Alan Bott became Special Correspondent  and Dramatic Critic for various journals.
1926 - 1932
Alan Bott became editor of The Graphic before it was taken over and amalgamated with The Sphere. He started The Book Society  in 1929
1930 Married Josephine Blumenfeld at Petworth in June

1931(2009) Son Simon R A born Sept
1933 Daughter Annabel born Sept
1935 Daughter Susannah E born Sept
1939 Alan Bott started the Reprint Society
1944 Pan Books was registered as a limited company in September. It was jointly owned by Alan Bott, Chairman and Managing Director, and The Book Society. He assisted Charles Ede in setting up the The Folio Society

1952 He died 17th. September


Alan Bott

Sopwith Struter








Alan Botts plane crash
Time Life


An Airman's Outings 1917
Cavalry of the Clouds 1918
Eastern Flights 1920
Our Fathers 1931
Our Mothers 1932
The Londoner's England 1947


His residence in London was

26, Hans Court, SW1

Flying The Atlantic In Sixteen Hours

 Military Cross
Military Cross (MC) and Bar

His club in London was
The  Garrick
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