Popular International Authors Published in PAN

Agatha Christie

PAN 4 from 1947

Christie Dame Agatha ( Mary Clarissa Miller ) 1890 - 1976
Born Torquay, England. She had an American father, Frederick Alvah Miller. Under the surname of her first husband, Archibald Christie, whom she divorced in 1926 ( the year her mother died ), she wrote more than 70 detective novels, featuring the Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, or the enquiring village lady, Miss Jane Marple. She worked as a nurse during the war. Died January 12 at Wallingford

PAN Numbers 4, 54, 55, 82, 87, 119, 200, 250, 264, 271, 284, 303, 310, 326, 345, 357, 366,
380, 419, GP82, GP95, G106, G112, G139, G323, G144, G155, G156, G176, G221, G259, G377, G427, G472, G526, G571

Ian Fleming

PAN 334 from 1955

Fleming Ian ( Lancaster ) 1908 - 1964
Born London, England. Father was a Conservative MP, Major Valentine Fleming, killed during WW1.  Attended Eton School and later studied languages at Munich and Geneva Universities. He worked for Reuters in Moscow (1929-33), then as a banker and stockbroker (1933-39) He served with British Naval Intelligence during WW2 and became foreign manager of the Sunday Times (1945-59) Married Anne, Lady Rothmere in Jamaica in 1952.
PAN Numbers 334, 392, GP83, G101, G216, G229, G335, G551

Later Bond & Fleming Covers

Georgette Heyer

PAN 61 from 1948

Heyer Georgette 1902 - 1974
Born Wimbeldon, England. She studied at Westminster College, married George Ronald Rougier in 1925. He was a mining engineer they and travelled in East Africa and Yugoslavia until 1929. She wrote her first book aged 17 and followed this up with mainly historical romances. She used Jane Austin as the model for her style although it was often critisised for being stereotypical. She died on July 4th 1974, followed by her husband the year after
PAN Number 61, 75, 105, 287, 363, GP51, G220, G311, G570, X64, X70, X88, X108, X119, X151

Erskine Caldwell

PAN G148 from 1958

Caldwell Erskine 1903 - 1987 
Born in White Oak, Virginia, the son of a presbyterian minister who moved from church to church all over the American South. Attended Erskine College, Due Wset, South Carolina and the Universties of Viginia and Pennsylvania. At 18 he was gun running, played professional football, was a cotton picker before becoming a cub reporter. Published several short stories and two novels before marrying and divorcing photographer Margaret Bourke- White.
PAN Number G148, G149, G158, G190, G208, G219, G253, G269, G301, G322, G344, G350, G375, G392G446, G479, G514G534, G564

Mazo de la Roche

PAN 65 from 1948

de la Roche Mazo 1885 - 1961
Born Newmarket, Ontario, Canada of French, English and Irish Descent. She spent her early live on a fruit farm on the shores of Lake Ontario. Her first novel was published in 1923, followed by Jalna which won the $10,000 Atlantic Monthly prize. Several of her novels were dramatised on BBC television and after 11 years in England returned to Canada with her two children to live near Toronto. She was awarded an honorary Doctor of Law degree in 1954
PAN Number 65, 98, 186, 196, 281, 353, 375, 405, GP87, G154, G299, X38, X43, X50, X60, X89, X118, X125, X132, X133, X136, X140, X141

Peter Cheyney

PAN 40 from 1948

Cheyney Peter ( Reginald Evelyn Southouse ) 1896 - 1951
Born in Whitechapel, London, he started work in a lawyer's office but at the age of sixteen went on the stage. He acted in many plays, was a stage manager and had a part in one of the first English films. He started writing one act plays, poetry and short stories. He became a journalist in WW2 and became news editor of a Sunday paper. He died in June 1951 after a long illness. Created Slim Callaghan and Lemmy Caution
PAN Number 40, 139, 224, 272, 277, 332, 381, 432, G108, G160, G257, G280, G317, G407, G352, G471G510

Leslie Charteris

PAN 66 from 1948

Charteris Leslie ( Charles ) 1907- 1993 Real name Leslie Bowyer Yin
Born in Singapore. He was educated at the Rossall School before studying at Cambridge.He  then worked in a variety of jobs, seaman, rubber planter, tin miner, prospector and tramp.
He changed his name in 1928 and settled in the USA in 1932 as a scriptwriter. He wrote syndicated Secret Agent X-9 and then The Saint from 1945 to 1955. Retired to France in the 70's. He married four times and died on April 16th. 
PAN Number 66, 103, 104, 147, 208, 236, 276, 361, 386, 403, 438, G123, G196, G214, G217, G256, G294, G358, G438, G480, G522, G581

Edgar Wallace

PAN 42 from 1948

Wallace Edgar ( Richard Horatio ) 1875 - 1932
He was born in Greenwich in the same year as Edgar Rice Burroughs. He was bough up as the adopted son of a fish porter. His parents were actors. He left school at 12 and took menial jobs until enlisting in the army at 18. In 1896 he was sent to South Africa. He began to contribute to journals and wrote war poems. He became a correspondent for Reuters and the Daily Mail. He then began writing at a prodigious pace.
PAN Number 42, 53, 115, 125, 140, 141, 142, 299  G270, G303, G318, G353, G370, G378, G415, G451, G476, G515, G567

Erle Stanley Gardner

PAN 219 from 1952

Gardner Erle Stanley 1889 - 1970
Admitted to the Californian bar at age of 22 and practised as a lawyer until 1936. By that time the Perry Mason stories he has been writing for many years became such a success he gave up his practice and retired to a log cabin in the mountains, where with the aid of a Dictaphone he increased his output enormously. He died on March 11th at Rancho del Paisano, his ashes scattered on his beloved Baja Penisula
PAN Number 219, 238293311, 344, 389, 418, 428, G118, G157, GP96, G135, G224, G264, G281, G326, G365, G398, G417, G464, G499, G519

John Creasey

PAN 383 from 1956

Creasey John 1908 - 1973 
Born in Southfields, Surrey, he was the seventh of nine children, his father was a poor coach maker. Educated at Fulham Elementary School and Sloane School. From 1923 to 1935 he had various clerical jobs while establishing himself as a writer. In 1935 he became a full time author with 29 of his books published in 1937 alone. His characters included The Toff, The baron, Dr. Palfrey, Roger West and Gideon ( as J J Marric )
PAN Number 383, 421, G179, G247, G332, G329, G393, G437, G516, G535