GP Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

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The dates given are not necessarily the dates of first editions but the earliest date of an edition I have been able to scan. The titles in grey, earlier editions or any numbers that are missing are volumes I would like to add - all offers to

GP1 Alice In Wonderland Carroll Lewis 1947 ( originally issued as G1 )

GP2 The Fountain Morgan Charles 1947

GP3 Fanny By Gaslight Sadleir Michael 1948

GP4 Guide To Modern Thought Joad C E M 1948

GP5 The Years Woolf Virginia 1948

GP6 Royal Dukes Fulford Roger 1948

GP7 Not Issued

GP8 Escape With Me Sitwell Osbert 1948

GP9 The Young Melbourne Cecil Lord David 1948

GP10 The Letter Somerset Maugham W 1952

GP11 Lady Windermere's Fan Wilde Oscar 1952

GP12 The Last Days Of Hitler Trevor-Roper H R 1952

GP13 Three Time Plays Priestley J B 1952

GP14 Greenmantle Buchan John 1952

GP15 Three Restoration Comedies Assorted 1953

GP16 I Believed Hyde Douglas 1953

GP17 The Twelve Olympians Seltman Charles 1952

GP18 Cases In Court Hastings Sir Patrick 1953

GP19 Loyalties Galsworthy John 1953

GP20 The Life Of Conan Doyle Carr John Dickson 1953

GP21 The Winslow Boy Rattigan Terence 1954

GP22 Masters Of Medicine Williams Harley 1954

GP23 The Dam Busters Brickhill Paul 1954

GP24 The Voyage Of The Cap Pilar Seligman Adrian 1954

GP25 Blithe Spirit, Private Lives, Hay Fever Coward Noel 1954

GP26 The White Rabbit Marshall Bruce 1954

GP27 A Book Of Wit And Humour Barsley Michael 1954

GP28 Enemy Coast Ahead Gibson Guy 1955

GP29 The Naked Island Braddon Russell 1955  ( incorrectly numbered )

GP29 The Undersea Adventure Diole Philippe 1955

GP30 Two Eggs On My Plate Olsen Oluf Reed 1955

GP31 The Naked Island Braddon Russell 1960

GP32 The Set Of The Sails Villiers Alan 1955

GP33 Boldness Be My Friend Pape Richard 1955

GP34 The Deep Blue Sea Rattigan Terence 1955

GP35 Odette Tickell Jerrard 1956

GP36 The Bull Of Minos Cottrell Leonard 1956

GP37 The Latter Days At Colditz Reid P R 1955

GP38 Wingless Victory Richardson Anthony 1956

GP39 Women In Antiquity Seltman Charles 1956

GP40 Seven Years In Tibet Harrer Heinrich 1956

GP41 Children Of The Jungle Host Per 1956

GP42 Freedom The Spur Instone George 1956

GP43 Upon That Mountain Shipton Eric 1956

GP44 Maquis Millar George 1956

GP45 The Dangerous Skies Clouston A E 1956

GP46 Priveledged Nightmare Romilly Giles & Alexander Michael 1956

GP47 Cruise Of The Conrad Villiers Alan 1956

GP48 Danger My Ally Mitchell-Hodges F A 1956

GP49 Big Fight Batchelor Denzil 1956

GP50 Soccer The World Game Green Geoffrey 1956

GP51 These Old Shades Heyer Georgette 1956

GP52 Commando Extraordinary Foyle Charles 1956

GP53 The Meaning Of Treason West Rebecca 1956

GP54 The Lost Pharaohs Cottrell Leonard 1956

GP55 Cloak Without Dagger Sillitoe Sir Percy 1956

GP56 The Navy's Here Frischauer / Jackson 1957

GP57 Journey Without Maps Greene Graham 1957

GP58 Trial Mankiewicz Don M 1957

GP59 Cockleshell Heroes Lucas Phillips C E 1957

GP60 Born For Sacrifice Fuller Jean Overton 1957

GP61 King Solomon's Ring Lorenz Konrad Z 1957

GP62 Tramp Royal Bruce Sir Michael 1957

GP63 4000 Years Under The Sea Diole Philippe 1957

GP64 Your Baby - And You Kok Dr. Winifred De 1957

GP65 The Jury Bullett Gerald 1957

GP66 Tschiffely's Ride Tschiffely A F 1957

GP67 The Long Haul Mills Mervyn 1957

GP68 I Leap Over The Wall Baldwin Monica 1957

GP69 Justice At Work Joyce James Avery 1957

GP70 A Cure For Serpents Pirajno Alberto Denti di 1957

GP71 The Great Charlie Payne Robert 1957

GP72 Lieutenant Hornblower Forester C S 1957

GP73 Hitler's Secret Enemy Colvin Ian 1957

GP74 Against The Sun Lanchbery Edward 1957

GP75 Trial By Terror Gallico Paul 1961

GP76 Squadron Airborne Trevor Elleston 1957

GP77 The Golden Horseshoe Robertson Terence 1957

GP78 Jump For It Bowman Gerald 1957

GP79 Venetian Bird Canning Victor 1957

GP80 The Crooked Hinge Carr John Dickson 1957

GP81 Shoot First! Noble Ronnie 1957

GP82 The Secret Adversary Christie Agatha 1957

GP83 Live And Let Die Fleming Ian 1957

GP84 Boy On A Dolphin Divine David 1957

GP85 Dangerous Exile Wilkins Vaughan 1957

GP86 The Third Ghost Book Asquith Lady Cynthia 1961

GP87 Whiteoak Harvest de la Roche Mazo 1957

GP88 The Man With Three Faces Meissner Hans-Otto 1957

GP89 Life Under The Pharaohs Cottrell Leonard 1960

GP90 Fiesta or The Sun Also Rises Hemingway Ernest 1958

GP91 Secrets Of Suez Bromberger Merry & Serge 1957

GP92 Sweet Thursday Steinbeck John 1958

GP93 A Ring At The Door Sava George 1958

GP94 Still Digging Wheeler Sir Mortimer 1958

GP95 The ABC Murders Chritie Agatha 1960

GP96 The Case Of the Cautious Coquette Gardner Erle Stanley 1958

GP97 I Burned My Fingers Simpson William 1958

GP98 Emotional Conflict Fletcher Peter 1958

GP99 You and Your Child De Kok Dr. Winifred 1958

GP100 A Flag In The City Landon Christopher 1958

GP101  Diamonds Are Forever Fleming Ian 1958 ( issued as G101 )

GP102 Give Us This Day Stewart Sidney 1958

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