M Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

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The dates given are not necessarily the dates of first editions but the earliest date of an edition I have been able to scan. The titles in grey, earlier editions or any numbers that are missing are volumes I would like to add - all offers to wants@tikit.net

M1 Not As A Stranger Thompson Norton 1960
M2 The Last Angry Man Green Gerald 1959
M3 The Young Lions Shaw Irwin 1959
M4 The Tribe That Lost Its Head Monsarrat Nicholas 1959
M5 Island In The Sun Waugh Alec 1959
M6 Desiree Selinko Anne Marie 1959
M7 Clotilde Saint Laurent Cécil 1960
M8 British Architects And Craftsmen Sitwell Sacheverell 1960
M9 The Cardinal Robinson Henry Morton 1960
M10 The Small Garden Lucas Phillips C E 1961
M11 Angélique The Marquise Of The Angels Golon Sergeanne 1962
M12 Mixed Company Shaw Irwin 1961
M13 The Enemy Camp Weidman Jerome 1961
M14 How The Queen Reigns Laird Dorothy 1961
M15 The Run For Home  Cooley Leland Frederick 1962
M16 Ritual In The Dark Wilson Colin 1962
M17 The Lotus Eaters Green Gerald 1962
M18 The Travels Of Jaimie McPheeters Taylor Robert Lewis 1962
M19 Angélique And The King Golon Sergeanne 1962
M20 The War Lover Hersey John 1962
M21 The Chapman Report Wallace Irving 1962
M22 The Devil Inside Coulter Stephen 1962
M23 The Triumph Of Surgery Thorwald Jürgen 1962 
M24 Fuel For The Flame Waugh Alec 1962
M25 The Watch That Ends The Night MacLennan Hugh 1963
M26 Necessary End Block Anita Rowe 1963
M27 Tom Jones Fielding Henry 1963
M28 Rizpah Israel Charles E. 1963
M29 Ten Rillington Place Kennedy Ludovic 1963
M30 A Net Of Gold Ekert-Rotholz Alice 1963
M31 The Foundling Heyer Georgette 1963
M32 The Best Of Everything Jaffe Rona 1963
M33 Annie's Captain Hulme Kathryn 1963
M34 The View From The Fortieth Floor White Theodore H. 1963
M35 The Lost Footsteps Craciunas Silviu 1963
M36 Ring Of Bright Water Maxwell Gavin 1963
M37 A Sense Of Values Wilson Sloan 1963
M38 The Winter Of Our Discontent Steinbeck John 1963
M39 On The Road Kerouac Jack 1963
M40 Anzio Vaughan-Thomas Wynford 1963
M41 Pomp And Circumstance Coward Noel 1963
M42 Caroline Cherie And Juan Laurent Cecil Saint 1963
M43 Covenant With Death Harris John 1963
M44 A Step In The River Gwaltney Francis Irby 1963
M45 Salerno Pond Hugh 1964
M46 The White Rajah Monsarrat Nicholas 1964
M47 Tono-Bungay Wells H.G. 1964
M48 Short Stories de Maupassant Guy 1964
M49 The Spanish Bride Heyer Georgette 1964
M50 Captain Newman, M.D. Rosten Leo 1964
M51 The Tattooed Rood Onstott & Horner Kyle and Lance 1967
M52 Psyche Young Phyllis Brett 1964
M53 Peaceable Lane Wheeler Keith 1964
M54 Scaramouche Sabatini Rafael 1964
M55 Lilith Salamanca J.R. 1964
M56 Seed Of Doubt Keene Day 1964
M57 The Glass Barrier Packer Joy 1964
M58 Mr. Standfast Buchan John 1964
M59 The Violent Season Goulet Robert 1964
M60 The Years Of Alison Strode Warren Chetham 1964
M61 Spectrum 1 Amis & Conquest Kingsley and Robert 1964
M62 An Infamous Army Heyer Georgette 1964
M63 The Conqueror Heyer Georgette 1964
M64 The Nine Days Of Dunkirk Divine David 1964
M65 Ellery Queen's Book Of Mystery Stories Queen Ellery 1964
M66 The Sling And The Arrow Engstrand Stuart 1964
M67 The 'Caine' Mutiny Wouk Herman 1964
M68 My Darling Clementine Fishman Jack 1964
M69 The Fraud Rader Paul 1964
M70 The Grand Sophy Heyer Georgette 1964
M71 The Reluctant Widow Heyer Georgette 1964
M72 The Long Summer Of George Adams Hill Weldon 1964
M73 The Pan Book Of Animal Stories Montgomery John 1964
M74 The Collector Fowles John 1965
M75 Spectrum 2 Amis & Conquest Kingsley and Robert 1965
M76 Seven Years In Tibet Harrer Heinrich 1965
M77 Love, Let Me Not Hunger Gallico Paul 1964
M78 The Incredible Charlie Carewe Astor Mary 1965
M79 Algerian Adventure Laurent Cecil Saint 1965
M80 The Spring Of Malice Harris John 1965
M81 A Touch Of Thunder Cooper Brian 1965
M82 The Love Thieves Packer Peter 1965
M83 The Sea-Hawk Sabatini Rafael 1965
M84 Season Of Fear Owen Guy 1965
M85 Anarchists In Love Spencer Colin 1965
M86 Portrait Of A Young Man Drowning Perry Charles 1965
M87 I Return Leslie Doris 1965
M88 Those Fragile Years Franken Rose 1965
M89 Scandal's Child Schiddel Edmund 1965
M90 Love And Friendship Lurie Alison 1965
M91 George Winthrop Wilson Sloan 1965
M92 The Black Moth Heyer Georgette 1965
M93 Going To The River Gibbon Constantine Fitz 1965
M94 The Lovely Sergeant Burgess Alan 1965
M95 Life And Laughter Barsley Michael 1965
M96 The Death Of Achilles Price Victor 1965
M97 Dragon Seed Buck Pearl S. 1965
M98 The Bedford Incident Rascovich Mark 1965
M99 Forlorn Sunset Sadleir Michael 1965
M100 Fanny By Gaslight Sadleir Michael 1965
M101 Royal Escape Heyer Georgette 1965
M102 Who Was Then The Gentleman? Israel Charles E. 1965
M103 Race Of The Tiger Cordell Alexander 1965
M104 Genius Dennis Patrick 1965
M105 The Silent People Macken Walter 1965
M106 The Commuters Young Phyllis Brett 1965
M107 The Spy Who Came In From The Cold le Carre John 1965
M108 Man Without A Shadow Wilson Colin 1966
M109 The World Of Violence Wilson Colin 1965
M110 Travels With Charley Steinbeck John 1965
M111 Italian Women Confess Parca Gabriella 1965
M112 The Vampire Volti Ornella & Riva Valeria 1965
M113 Spectrum 3 Amis & Conquest Kingsley and Robert 1966
M114 The Quiet Gentleman Heyer Georgette 1966
M115 Careful, He Might Hear You Elliott Sumner Locke 1966
M116 Don't Knock The Corners Off Glyn Caroline 1966
M117 The Plague And The Fire Leasor James 1966
M118 The Flowers Of The Forest Byrd Elizabeth 1966
M119 Elizabeth Taylor Waterbury Ruth 1966
M120 Two Gentleman Sharing Leslie David Stuart 1966
M121 Our Mother's House Gloag Julian 1966
M122 Modern Dancing Dwyer Nornie 1966
M123 Kingfishers Catch Fire Godden Rumer 1966
M124 The Edge Of The Paper Tindall Gillian 1966
M125 The Rocks Remain Maxwell Gavin 1966
M126 Green Light Douglas Lloyd C. 1966
M127 Husband Of Delilah Linklater Eric 1966
M128 The Scorching Wind Macken Walter 1966
M129 A Man Over Forty Linklater Eric 1966
M130 This Is The Schoolroom Monsarrat Nicholas 1966
M131 Split Scene Mullally Frederic 1966
M132 Photography Gotlob Philip 1966
M133 Royal Flush Irwin Margaret 1966
M134 The Proud Servant Irwin Margaret 1966
M135 The Stranger Prince Irwin Margaret 1966
M136 The Gay Galliard Irwin Margaret 1966
M137 The Pan Jack London Calder-Marshall Arthur 1966
M138 Yea Yea Yea McGill Angus 1966
M139 When The Lion Feeds Smith Wilbur A. 1966
M140 The Unforgiving Wind Harris John 1966
M141 Pope Paul VI Barrett William F. 1966
M142 Jutland MacIntyre Donald 1966
M143 The Hand Of Mary Constable Gallico Paul 1966
M144 Too Many Ghosts Gallico Paul 1966
M145 The July Plot Manvell Roger & Fraenkel Heinrich 1966
M146 Hitler's War Directives 1939-1945 Trevor-Roper H.R. 1966
M147 This For Caroline Leslie Doris 1966
M148 Catherine One Love is Enough Benzoni Juliette 1966
M149 Angelique Book Two - The Road To Versailles Golon Sergeanne 1966
M150 Cotillon Heyer Georgette 1966
M151 Angelique And The Sultan Golon Sergeanne 1966
M152 Angelique In Revolt Golon Sergeanne 1966
M153 Angelique In Love Golon Sergeanne 1966
M154 Murder Most Royal Plaidy Jean 1967
M155 Kate & Emma Dickens Monica 1967
M156 First Journey Churchill Winston S. 1966
M157 The Living Reed Buck Pearl S. 1966
M158 Caen - Anvil Of Victory McKee Alexander 1966
M159 The Reef Wheeler Keith 1966
M160 Childbirth Without Fear Dick-Read Grantly 1966 WANTED
M161 White Banners Douglas Lloyd C. 1966
M162 The Somme Farrar-Hockley A.H. 1966
M163 The Spanish Armada Lewis Michael 1966
M164 Trafalgar Warner Oliver 1966
M165 Battles Of The English Civil War Woolrych Austin 1966
M166 Loyalty Is My Honour Butler Ewan 1966
M167 The Far Side Of Home Davis Maggie 1966
M168 Red For Danger Rolt L.T.C. 1966
M169 The Other Kingdom Price Victor 1966
M170 Hotel Hailey Arthur 1966
M171 Nine Tomorrows Asimov Isaac 1966
M172 Revolt In 2100 Heinlein Robert 1966
M173 Sing For Your Supper Frankau Pamela 1966
M174 The Willow Cabin Frankau Pamela 1966
M175 The Pan Book Of Card Games Phillips Hubert 1967
M176 The Interrogators Prior Allan 1967
M177 The Toll-Gate Heyer Georgette 1967
M178 Man On A Horse Clewes Howard 1967
M179 Her Privates We Manning Frederic 1967
M180 The Dark Of The Sun Smith Wilbur 1968
M181 The Jealous God Braine John 1967
M182 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
M183 The Privateer Tey Josephine 1967
M184 I Never Promised You A Rose Garden Green Hannah 1967
M185 The Rebel Nun Smith T. Stratton 1967
M186 The Final Diagnosis Hailey Arthur 1967
M187 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
M188 The Pillow Fight Monsarrat Nicholas 1967
M189 The Nowhere City Lurie Alison 1967
M190 Santiago Blood Horner Lance 1967
M191 The Virgin Soldiers Thomas Leslie 1967
M192 The Seventh Galaxy Reader Pohl Frederick 1967
M193 Spectrum IV Amis & Conquest Kingsley and Robert 1967
M194 Castle Gay Buchan John 1967
M195 Open Your Hand And Close Your Eyes Bair Patrick 1967
M196 Ramage Pope Dudley 1967
M197 Royal Road To Fotheringay Plaidy Jean 1967
M198 Whiteoaks de la Roche Mazo 1966
M199 The Whiteoak Brothers de la Roche Mazo 1968
M200 Finch's Fortune de la Roche Mazo 1967
M201 Renny's Daughter de la Roche Mazo 1967
M202 The Aristide Case Jameson Storm 1967
M203 Fishing Arnold Richard 1967
M204 Sabre-Tooth O'Donnell Peter 1967
M205 The Thousand Plan Barker Ralph 1967
M206 The Glass Cell Highsmith Patricia 1967
M207 Far From The Madding Crowd Hardy Thomas 1967
M208 The Greatest Raid Of All Lucas Phillips C.E. 1967
M209 Quant By Quant Quant Mary 1967
M210 The Looking-Glass War le Carre John 1966
M211 The Man In The Mews Packer Joy 1967
M212 The Summer Of Sir Lancelot Gordon Richard 1967
M213 Mia Monsey Derek 1967
M214 Full Tilt Murphy Dervla 1967
M215 A Suspension Of Mercy Highsmith Patricia 1967
M216 The Paper Boats Longrigg Roger 1967
M217 A Summer Place Wilson Sloan 1967
M218 My Friend Cousin Emmie Duncan Jane 1967
M219 The Realm Of Ghosts Maple Eric 1967
M220 Quest Under Capricorn Attenborough David 1967
M221 The Blunderer Highsmith Patricia 1967
M222 The Man Who Wrote Dirty Books Dresner Hal 1967
M223 The Second Hammer Horror Film Omnibus Burke John
M224 Offshore! Coulter Stephen 1967
M225 Cone Of Silence Beaty David 1967
M226 Mr. Midshipman Easy Marryat Captain 1967
M227 Love And Joy In The Mabillon Glyn Caroline 1967
M228 The Fly Chopping Richard 1967
M229 The Captive Queen Of Scots Plaidy Jean 1967
M230 The Log From The Sea Of Cortez Steinbeck John 1967
M231 Shooting Script Lyall Gavin 1967
M232 Away From Home Jaffe Rona 1967
M233 Passport To Peril Leasor James 1967
M234 The Thousand Doors Rothberg Abraham 1967
M235 The Cross Of Lazzaro Harris John 1967
M236 The Sea Shall Not Have Them Harris John 1967
M237 Bath Tangle Heyer Georgette 1967
M238 The Nursery Book Mollen Ruth
M239 Self-Defence And Judo Edmundson Joseph
M240 The Nun's Story Hulme Kathryn 1967
M241 Jane Eyre Bronte Charlotte 1967
M242 The Sinews Of Love Cordell Alexander 1967
M243 The Velvet Bubble Winter Alice 1967
M244 Command The Morning Buck Pearl S. 1967
M245 Two Under The Indian Sun Godden Jon and Rumer 1967
M246 The Man In The Mirror Ayer Frederick 1967
M247 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
M248 The Fall Of Hong Kong Carew Tim 1968
M249 Nancy Wake Braddon Russell 1967
M250 Stories My Mother Never Told Me Part 2 Hitchcock Alfred 1967
M251 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Hitchcock Alfred
M252 Number 10 Clark William 1967
M253 In Praise Of Older Women Vizinczey Stephen 1968
M254 Unfit To Plead? Rowland John 1968
M255 Onionhead Hill Weldon 1968
M256 Keep Fit And Healthy Anwell Dr. Gavin
M257 I Have Friends In Heaven Catto Max 1968
M258 Young Bess Irwin Margaret 1968
M259 I Can See You But You Can't See Me George Eugene 1968
M260 The Far Country Shute Nevil 1968
M261 Peyton Place Metalious Grace 1968
M262 The Master Of Jalna de la Roche Mazo 1968
M263 Mandingo Onstott Kyle 1968
M264 Most Secret Shute Nevil 1968
M265 Friday's Child Heyer Georgette 1968
M266 Regency Buck Heyer Georgette 1968
M267 The Chequer Board Shute Nevil 1968
M268 Lonely Road Shute Nevil 1968
M269 These Old Shades Heyer Georgette 1968
M270 Rape Of The Fair Country Cordell Alexander 1967
M271 A Woman Of Bangkok Reynolds Jack 1968
M272 Frederica Heyer Georgette 1968
M273 The Extraordinary Seaman Rock Phillip 1968
M274 The Spy I Loved Philby Eleanor

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